Today’s Fluoride article in the Telegraph

A few people have written to me to get my opinion on today's article slamming people's concern for fluoride in the drinking water here in Australia... Here's the article if you want to read it My thoughts 1) I don't get my nutritional or health news from Tele articles and generally just don't read mainstream media health articles that conclude, sweep, discredit or claim anything or anyone (or anyone else's for that reason... Always read two sides to the story before choosing something that … [Read more...]

Want to halve your meal making time with one simple tip?

cut time in half

We're busy. We're all busy. Jobs, raising kids, making time to see friends and making time for ourselves (see? I put us last. We've really got to stop doing that!) So today I shared on Periscope a live look at my humble little kitchen and how to get the maximum return on your kitchen efforts. One little tip that literally slashes your time spent cooking in half. The revelation you're ready for? Cook two meals with similar methods at a time. Yep. if you're not already doing this, it will … [Read more...]

She does WHAT?

what happens next

So there's this girl I know... She microwaves popcorn and eats the whole thing in one sitting. It kind of seems to make her cough. She doesn't seem to wonder about that, though. Her idea of a quick meal, is the kind where you pour the contents of a sachet into a bowl, add milk and microwave for 3 minutes 50 on high and add some chopped zucchini for the last minute. She smokes a lot. Nearly a pack a day. She 'really enjoys it' so she's not quitting any time soon although she promised her … [Read more...]

My 5 simple tricks to get through sweet cravings

food craving chart

So I'm 10 days through my '30 days clean' challenge I do at the fitness studio I go to, Flow Athletic in Sydney. We give up chocolate, coffee, alcohol, anything processed, any processed carbs or sugars, cakes, biscuits and we ensure we move our body a variety of ways 5 times a week and do 10K walking every day. We're allowed all real, unprocessed foods and what works best for us in that realm... There's no 'diet' other than the real food way. Being a rather healthy person I still find it hard … [Read more...]

René Redzepi: On bringing NOMA to Australia and my subsequent brain tangents

rene redzepo image

If you're into food, keeping up to date with chefs and restaurant news, you might have heard that René Redzepi yesterday announced that he was bringing his famed NOMA restaurant to Australia for a month, January 2016. Watch his video HERE.  Why am I sharing this here you might be wondering? Because of this sentence: We're here to learn from the Australian landscape. I found that sentence really stopped me and made me think about it's wider meaning. It got me to think about 2 … [Read more...]

Lifting the lid on sea salt hair sprays… And a chemical free DIY salt hair spray recipe

lowtox hair shot

There was a time I too used to buy a salt texture spray for my hair. It's awesome stuff for wavey hair to help it look 'done' rather than lazily 'let go'. That was a time before I realised what crazy stuff went into personal care products. The hair category is by no means exempt from the craziness. I thought I'd head back and look at the spray I used to use and run it through the chemical maze app (download the full version for $10 odd AUD, to help you shop more safely. it's awesome) I … [Read more...]

Gluten, nut and dairy free Apple Cinnamon Muffins

apple cinnamon muffins pic monkey

These lunchbox friendly, super nutrient dense apple cinnamon muffins were born through my popular coconut cupcake recipe. I wanted to keep the same principle but add more fibre, omega 3s and protein so that it was a super sustaining lunch box item for my son - so I did a little play around and this variation was born. They are grain, gluten, nut and dairy free. They are very low in natural sugars. AND they still taste like a delicious treat - Important, don't you think? AND you don’t need to … [Read more...]

Plastic Free July – Do it! It’s time.

there is no away 2

Plastic free July. This is not about egos or being too busy to 'take on new stuff'. It's not about 'oh but my beloved glad wrap or zip locks'... It's about taking a month to explore a new way that quite literally means we hand down our planet in better shape than it is, to our kids. Who doesn't want to be a part of that incredibly positive collective action step. I never really considered myself 'an activist' because I didn't feel comfortable with the stereotype - the guy hanging off a … [Read more...]