5 ideas to use up your leftover almond pulp

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Our culture is a little milk obsessed. With so many opting out of dairy for allergy or dietary preference, instead of opting out of milk altogether, they're turning to alternative milks. Almond milk is the fastest growing in popularity. I'm not a huge fan of packet almond milks nor of drinking massive quantities of the stuff. Fine, if you fancy a drop for your tea or coffee, or a little for a smoothie, but if you eat lots of good, real food, there is no need to 'supplement' with almond milk so … [Read more...]

It’s up to you what becomes normal

Branded bananas

Cupcakes at 9.30am are not normal. Branded Finding Nemo Bananas that attract a premium  for the privilege of the plastic wrap are not normal. 1 small knob of organic ginger on a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic is not normal. Breakfast cereals for a 'good start' without a single unrefined ingredient in them, is not normal. Cleaning products that clean our house while poisoning the sea are not normal. Microwavable frozen yoghurt with car coolant in it, is not normal. Snacking … [Read more...]

Mini rustic blueberry tartlets

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This mini blueberry tarlet recipe is surprisingly easy to throw together. It's a small batch of just 12 mini 6cm tartlets, so if you're throwing a party then you might want to double up on everything. Something I absolutely loved realising when I made these today, was that I can eye off a block of butter and cut 80g perfectly. A special moment that I wish my talented baking grandmère was still here today with us for me to call her up and tell her. I hope you enjoy them! A heck of a lot more … [Read more...]

Consider 50%

quality act

Consider 50% Instead of 10 cheap tops in the year, could it be 5 you hold dear? Instead of 4 glasses of house wine, could it be 2 glasses of a rarer drop that you savour every sip of? Instead of the all you can eat buffet, could it be a main and a glass of wine in a great restaurant that values you and produce dearly? Instead of 2 for 1 non fair trade non organic chocolate at the store, could it be one precious block where every square makes a difference - to your mood AND the … [Read more...]

When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong

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The title is a line from Dirty Dancing... The Dad at the end...  Anyone?  Jokes aside... This post has me a little nervous, a little angry at my slip on the detective front and a little excited all at once, helping me get clear on exactly what I believe in and my commitment to being transparent about what I recommend and what I know about what I recommend. Today I was reminded of something I'm often reminded of, and that is that you never stop learning. There is always something new. I'm … [Read more...]

Epic salad

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I've had a busy week of workshops and have decided to run with the theme of making the absolute most out of beautiful, natural ingredients by showing just how satisfying and 'epic' a salad can be. We humans crave the "new". I've been thinking of late it's because we used to be nomads and there was always a new plant to explore, or animal to catch... Food marketers of course give us 'new' stuff all the time, but their playing on our desire to be continually excited by food, leads us down a … [Read more...]

Banoffee Pie – Gluten free, Dairy Free

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A healthy banoffee pie. Is it possible? One without condensed milk or gram crackers or brown sugar? Yes. Yes, it is. It's even possible to be completely dairy free and low fructose. If you know from my facebook community, every now and then I put a call out for a naughty processed / refined recipe that people would love to healthify. This time, Banoffee Pie came out on top of the 140 answers! I hope you love it. Once the components are made, it's super simple to put together. The whole … [Read more...]

And the award for the MOST unsustainable packaged product goes to…

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I often go into supermarkets. They help me see what the advertisers are saying 'we need' and then help me formulate the arguement against. Synchronicity on today's curious little mission as I received this in my inbox from Danielle LaPorte today. Indeed. Those days are over! There is no arguement easier than the one I make today. Today, I saw this... That tiny, thin sachet of plastic with 'fresh herbs' already 'conveniently' chopped? $2.98 Better still - or tragically … [Read more...]