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Hi there, I’m Alexx. I sometimes feel like I was born drinking shots of enthusiasm before an all you can eat buffet piled high with creative ADD and buckets of justice.

I believe I can help make a difference in the world – have done since I was a teen. Back then I’d dream with my first boyfriend about being the next Bono and Geldof and we’d practice our Grammy acceptance speeches wholeheartedly. Over the years and through the career incarnations I’ve had, it has become clearer and clearer to me how I must and want to help, and that way is this:

I want to help people want to (not *have* to), make changes for the better in their lives, to help you feel more awesome.

Growing up, while I ate great food too, I also ate my way through many pop tarts, processed food snacks, microwaved popcorn, microwaved meals, fast food all while drowning myself in cheap cosmetics as a teen, to expensive cosmetics in my years in the cosmetics industry – either way, it was all loaded with chemicals. Chronic tonsillitis, chronic glandular fever, weekly migraines, poly cystic ovarian syndrome and big auto-immune issues with pregnancy… A day came when walking down the aisle of a major supermarket to stock up on a few on-the-run baby foods for my soon to be eating little guy, and I just couldn’t. It was definitive. Went organic over night. Questioned everything ever since and have read volume after volume, study and counter study, to make sense of the crazy degenerative health situation we find ourselves in today – and I’m not just talking the big C or heart disease. I’m talking the lot – all of it across all spectrums: hyper kids, allergies, daily use of pain killers, constipation aids or even those indigestion liquids to mention a few examples. It SOOOOOO doesn’t have to be this way.

Now, first of all before you start to feel guilty about your current state of play, let’s just shut that right off. Right now.

I believe there’s no guilt in where you’ve come from. There’s just excitement for where you choose to go today!

I am an avid researcher and recipe creator and here I share my findings, recipes, endeavours and experiences. It’s about being a brick in the wall of change. It’s about truth and chipping away at the shiny packets with promises, helping people realise that with our knowledge and dollars, we can shape the world with our shopping baskets and home grown efforts.

The food philosophy that seems right to me: Keep it real. Keep it unrefined. Try for organic as much as possible, and in terms of diet, I’m a big believer in eating what’s right for you. With my thyroid issues and PCOS, I tend to stay away from most grains and sugars. Once you know how they both work in the body, it just makes sense to cut them out or minimise as much as possible or as is right for you.  Just listen to your body. There’s no one right way, except the natural, real food way. If you are desperate to label me, call me paleo-ish.

Traditional foods & food as medicine are fascinating to me. How big business affects the food we eat and the products we use today, really interests me also, often to the point of infuriation. Oh, and lastly, I love to bake. Lots. So don’t panic, there are lots of treats here.

coconut cupcakes batch

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Professor Fiona Wood says “Don’t be less than your best, just to make others around you feel comfortable.” Let’s get uncomfortable and spread the state of feeling awesome far and wide!

Alexx xx

Disclaimer. If you believe you need in depth medical attention, see your health practitioner. While I am a well researched writer and explorer, I am not a naturopath nor doctor. You need a range of good peeps in your corner. I have a naturopath, kinesiologist who specialises in EFT and a biomedical GP.