Beetroot Leaf Chips – Better than Kale chips?

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Oh, I just love a lightbulb moment. I was feeling uninspired by cooking beet greens again, 3rd day in a row. I was also uninspired to add them to a salad. I was cold. It was cold outside. I procrastinated with them in my fridge a couple of days. And then it occurred to me: CHIPS! I'm going to make a call here: Better than kale chips. The flavour is so good. Something about them! May be it's that it's 'new'? Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you think. My family won't find out just yet … [Read more...]

Simple Thai Chicken Soup

thai chicken soup 2

I am such a fan of the quick throw together soup. This Thai chicken soup was exactly that. I couldn't face another plain chicken stock soup - you know when you just CRAVE a big punchy flavour vibe? Well, this was that for me earlier last week. This is easy to make with any kinds of leftovers you have in meat or veg department - except maybe root veg, not so awesome for this texture wise, but zucchini / fennel / kale... Those would all be great veggie alternatives if you've not got / don't eat … [Read more...]

Fragrant Baked Carrot Stack

Carrot stack

There is abundant variety when it comes to cooking veg - I always like to stretch my creativity in the kitchen and this was born on a typical 'what can I do to make carrots exciting today' thought train... So, I started by chopping them long ways, then when deciding what to do with all of these long carrot strips, this 'stack' idea emerged, inspired by the French Daphinois potato dish of layered potatoes with butter, whisked egg and cream. This is of course a little different I wasn't really … [Read more...]

Simple nourishing fruit jellies

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There's a beautiful little yoga class I do called Yoga Pop, with my little man each Wednesday morning at Flow athletic. At the end of the class, we share a treat with all the parents and little ones, made by yours truly. So far I've made a few treats from my book Real Treats, but this week, I wanted to shares some delicious jellies, to show mums how easy they are to make, and how nourishing they are as a treat option, with zero weirdness that you'd find in a supermarket jelly (You can read an … [Read more...]

“Free From Lots” Crackers – Sweet or savoury


It was just a regular day, I was going about my business getting some work done and then I remembered that nut free snacks for my son needed to be made, for him to take to kindy. We're gluten free, so I always send him with stuff for morning / arvo tea, to avoid vacuous 'gluten free' biscuits and crackers than are basically starch and provide virtually no nutrients - not what a little body needs! I didn't want to make another sweet thing and was keen to come up with a savoury snack that could … [Read more...]

Zesty Asian Coconut Dressing


I was in Mauritius with my family over Christmas - mum's side of the family is Mauritian, so we visit every 3 years or so, with aunties, uncles and cousins all still over there! It's such a privilege and a curse living with family around the world. On the one hand grateful to visit such beautiful places and on the other, so sad to not be able to just 'pop in for a tea' when you want to catch up. Thank gosh for skype! Here's my little man living free as a bird for a month with my hubby - lots … [Read more...]

Octopus Stew


Octopus. One of those ingredients you perhaps love when someone does it 'properly', ie when you don't cook it. Does it end up too rubbery? Not sure how to cook it? Not sure why it's awesome? Octopus grows fast and has a short life cycle, making it a great sustainable choice when procured locally (watch for frozen imports, especially baby octopus). The problem with Octopus is that people often end up with chewy, unpleasing textures when cooking it too long or not long enough. If you were to … [Read more...]

No bake Coconut Butter cups


I love the trick of making coconut butter from desiccated coconut. Quite in awe of the magic! Coconut butter cups are an easy, yummy solution if you want a treat but don't want to cook want to up your healthy fats want to boost your immune system want an anti fungal from nature want to cut sugar want a treat that will stave OFF hunger, rather than promoting it - PERFECT for after school hungry hoards! trying to avoid chocolate (I know, I know but some people have to, so if that's … [Read more...]