Happy International No Diet Day


Diets as a teenager are what stuffed my metabolism up. Diet pills, sweet liquid breakfasts... It's all wrong. Thinking we can eat 'whatever we want' is also wrong. Eating junk because 'dieting is boring or too hard' is also not a solution. There's nothing wrong with finding a 'food mix' that makes you feel awesome. I'm not talking about that kind of 'diet' here. I'm talking about deprivation and restriction to the point where the stress makes us feel far worse than eating a big hearty meal … [Read more...]

The lolly that sums up the global agriculture disaster and health crisis


Sometimes you come across a lolly. I don't believe it is anyone's fault for grabbing things like this for putting together party bags, or grabbing for a kids' party or play date, it first off has to be said. We only know what we know, and we do what the norm is to do. Sometimes it's because of illness that we wake up, sometimes because a documentary touched us that piqued our curiosity, but if we've not been exposed to any of this stuff, we might think we're safe to assume that if it's on the … [Read more...]

Hey – You’ve got a new disease!

you've got a new disease!

There's something I want to clear up. An article about a 'new disease' has come into the lime light. Orthorexia Nervosa is the name. You can read here about it. Now, yes there are many eating disorders and yes, it is essential that people affected work with a practitioner for support and recovery, but my fear with this media coverage is that people are being made to think that we are 'being crazy' for insisting on a pure food source and opting to support a transparent and just food system at … [Read more...]

Fool proof chicken liver pate


Pâté has got to be one of the most nutrient dense and delicious things you can regularly enjoy. Personally I don't make it or eat it if I can't find organic, pasture raised for ethical reasons. The choice is yours but things to consider are... Why organic when it comes to chicken? Three reasons Free range is a loose term and can still mean heavy antibiotic use, cramped quarters and little time outside. Most chickens are fed grains with genetically modified corn and soy in their mix. Bad … [Read more...]

And the award for the MOST unsustainable packaged product goes to…

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I often go into supermarkets. They help me see what the advertisers are saying 'we need' and then help me formulate the arguement against. Synchronicity on today's curious little mission as I received this in my inbox from Danielle LaPorte today. Indeed. Those days are over! There is no arguement easier than the one I make today. Today, I saw this... That tiny, thin sachet of plastic with 'fresh herbs' already 'conveniently' chopped? $2.98 Better still - or tragically … [Read more...]

Chill Out

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This morning I came a cross a new "can" of drink called XYZ with "Chill Out" something or other as the tag line. I agree. It is so important to chill out. We do not do it nearly enough and being 'busy' is a modern epidemic we need to turn around just as much as obesity or heart disease. Well, this drink had 26g of sugar per can. I can guarantee you that your body will NOT be able to chill out with 4.5 tsp of sugar poured into it in a 5 minute time frame. So, let's review ways to actually chill … [Read more...]

Do you fall for this food label catch phrase?


There is many a catch phrase on food packaging. One of the most common is 'no artificial ingredients' or 'additive free'. Do not be fooled. This does not mean you can trust the product and skip reading the ingredients. Exhibit A is a product that had a big "No artificial ingredients or preservatives" on the front. It doesn't matter what the brand was. It's this sort of thing that is still catching well meaning people thinking they're making a better choice. The best choice you can make is to … [Read more...]

Meat Free Week? Consider this instead…


Meat Free Week is actually based on excellent reasoning, for one part. We eat too much meat in this country. That's the part I love about the meat free week messaging. The bit I'm scared of however, is the bit where a bunch of well meaning people do a meat free week, pat themselves on the back, and then head straight back to the meat they usually buy, which in the case of chicken or pork for example, is 90% factory farmed. Success for treatment of animals? I think, not. Success for health? … [Read more...]