Meat Free Week? Consider this instead…


Meat Free Week is actually based on excellent reasoning, for one part. We eat too much meat in this country. That's the part I love about the meat free week messaging. The bit I'm scared of however, is the bit where a bunch of well meaning people do a meat free week, pat themselves on the back, and then head straight back to the meat they usually buy, which in the case of chicken or pork for example, is 90% factory farmed. Success for treatment of animals? I think, not. Success for health? … [Read more...]

Fermenting Vegetables: The WHY and the HOW basics


Fermented Vegetables. Cultured Veggies I prefer to say. Whatever it is that you DO call them, they are going crazy right now! Funny thing is they've been around for centuries and pre refrigeration and freezing, were the way to preserving vegetables well into the colder months. The thing about science is however, that we now know for a fact they're worth so much more to us than simply handy preservation. They're a health powerhouse. Know everything about them and want yummy recipes? Click here … [Read more...]

What is aspartame made from?

Can You Get Hooked on Diet Soda

What is aspartame actually made from? That question was finally answered recently, when the aspartame patent was made available online recently. Find a copy of it here. After a quick scan you see that it certainly isn't something that is easy to understand or read and therefore there is no way it can be understood by our bodies - that's my rule. If you don't know what it is or understand it, then neither does your body. I was super excited to learn that the G8 was launching an enquiry … [Read more...]

Why organic matters. It’s bigger than you think.


How on earth do we measure the impact of our daily food choices or just how much organic matters? It's hard to fathom the sheer power we have in shaping the world, because we're constantly told it's 'beyond us'. We are backed into corners of fear, we're bullied into thinking the people that care are 'extreme' or 'fringe'. You've heard me say it many a time, but we CAN do something. It's actually stupidly easy to do something to fix some seriously major global issues such as pesticide … [Read more...]

The Inconvenient Truth about most convenience foods

Consumer Quote

There's an inconvenient truth about most convenience foods. It's that convenient often means the cost is elsewhere or down the line as Prince Charles, staunch slow food and ethical food advocate, said in this wonderful piece earlier this week. Sometimes the convenience is packaged as time, and sometimes as money. Take a look at this convenience item I found in the super market as the perfect example to illustrate this point - this one packaged as a time saver. I'm excluding brand as this is … [Read more...]

They don’t got your back.

ive got your back

I'm on Linked In and I was on there today and saw something that sparked my curiosity. A job in my 'suggested jobs' side bar. I usually laugh them off as they are so far from my passions or skill set. The fact that they couldn't have been more wrong with their job suggestion once again, is one thing. What the description for the job portrayed about the company was worse. Here it is. I've blanked out a few of the consonants, but if you fill in the gaps you might see just what those iconic … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day 2013


The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution day, while of course created by the awesome Jamie, is a symbol for so much more than one person's mission. It's a symbol for all the efforts, the many movements, initiatives, grants, education programs, farmers' markets and people making a difference when it comes to getting the essential message of Real Food out there in the world. It's a day for doing, not just thinking we should do something. There are still too many people going through life completely … [Read more...]

Fat Free, Low Sugar Jelly / Jello – The most toxic thing in the supermarket?


When I think of the amount of times I've 'soothed myself' or been soothed, with jelly (jello) as a little one. While those times were years ago, I can't help but think of the damage they may have done regardless, given the extent to which toxic ingredients lie in the average jelly. Here's a list of what's up with this jelly... This is one to spread the word on. People need to know just how badly they've been duped. I'm also wondering how on earth this is legal to sell. You'll see what I mean … [Read more...]