What health craze don’t I like?


Green smoothies, or at least the ones that include kale. I don't like the taste of them. I don't like the feeling of 'suffering' to be healthy because in all honesty, I just don't find them delicious and I don't see the point in yucky food because that's where guilts, deprivation and binging will often come in. I also don't feel like it sits well with me. It feels hard on my digestion and while experts are polarised on whether raw kale is a good thing or not, I believe it's up to the individual … [Read more...]

Powerhouse Antioxidant Red Salad

red salad with text

The powerhouse antioxidant red salad was initially started because all I had left of last week's market shop were red things - pomegranate, red onion, cherry tomatoes, beets... Love a good blessing in disguise! And then yesterday while doing a little pinning, I had come across this STUNNING red spread of produce. Photo: Christopher Baker for Martha Stewart Living And then I decided to reflect on a couple of the awesome things that red foods (natural ones of course) offer us: 1. … [Read more...]

Fat Free, Low Sugar Jelly / Jello – The most toxic thing in the supermarket?


When I think of the amount of times I've 'soothed myself' or been soothed, with jelly (jello) as a little one. While those times were years ago, I can't help but think of the damage they may have done regardless, given the extent to which toxic ingredients lie in the average jelly. Here's a list of what's up with this jelly... This is one to spread the word on. People need to know just how badly they've been duped. I'm also wondering how on earth this is legal to sell. You'll see what I mean … [Read more...]

There’s WHAT in my ‘low fat’ snack!?

low fat diet failure graph

I don't believe that fat is the enemy as a general term. The graph above shows what happened in the US when low fat came into popular thinking and government backing in the mid 70s, and the rise in obesity levels. You should see the rise in diabetes and insulin dependence from that same time. They're even worse. To make things taste good, lots of trans fats were used (because saturated became all of a sudden the bad guy) and loads of sugar, to still make things taste appealing. Other things … [Read more...]

Beans make you fart? Read on…


LEGUMES While I'm not a vegetarian, and that's of course fine if you are, I definitely believe in the power of the legume - all the beans, chickpeas & lentils are powerhouses of protein, texture and substance in stews, soups, curries, quick snacks, salads and dips. BUT – While it’s super handy to have a tin or two on standby for emergencies, it’s not the best option as a staple. Tinned food is depleted, heat treated, pasteurised food, that doesn't give us as much nourishment as the … [Read more...]



Quinoa. A fabulous complete protein, and wonderfully malleable ingredient. I usually use it as a 'stocking filler' to fill my boys up in soups and salads, but it's a fab rice replacement and a great porridge base too, where it's more of a star of the show - with all 9 essential amino acids, thus receiving a gold star as a complete protein, this  is one ingredient that does spectacularly well at helping us feel full, healthy and nourished - especially if you're a vegetarian! Check out my … [Read more...]

Best Cream Cheese!

Home Made Cream Cheese

Firstly: Why on earth do we have to make our own cream cheese? The quality of the milk - and the life of the cows that made it - is terrible in most commercial offerings - indeed all that i've come across in Sydney, OZ. I want conscience free cream cheese if I'm indulging - happy cows, great quality milk. If you make your own, you get the WHEY by product. This can be used for adding protein to smoothies, to water for soaking beans and grains, or can be used to make your own fermented foods … [Read more...]

When life hands you lemons!


You grow up learning about candy, sweets, lollies, soft drink and all things related and how they are bad for your teeth. Well, if you've read any of my posts thus far, you'll know that I don't have any of the above. So you can imagine my shock at a recent dental check up, with the announcement that I had 7 cavities, 2 of them being really, really bad! $3.2K, here I begrudgingly come! There I was, in that oh-so-comfortable position with a suction thingy collecting water and another thingy … [Read more...]