Going LOW TOX in the context of reproductive health

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This week, we're talking reproduction.  I welcome biomedical scientist Martin Mayer back to discuss why infertility is on the rise, along with a very interesting case study of a woman with a peculiar long term reproductive 'region' illness. The thing that will strike you hopefully too here, is that the problem isn't a difficult one to articulate. The solution isn't either. That's the scary part. Why is this sort of thing not front page news? This post is not in any way designed to offend or … [Read more...]

Zinc – Is it an issue for you or your kids?

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I love doctors. Because I have a natural, preventative focused blog it might seem I don't, but a good doctor is one to have in your wellness help tool kit, no doubt. I sat in Dr Annabel Stuckey's office last year discussing my son's poo - as you do! He had minor behavioral issues that had crept up at the same time as the poo was getting out of control, and so, we were there to fix it all because I just knew they were linked. Dr Stuckey is a doctor on the Mindd Foundation registry. She asked a … [Read more...]

When cold and flu isn’t what’s really wrong


Are you or is someone you know always getting a cold or flu? It's great if yes, that you might be trying to treat them naturally, build your immune system and get stronger, but what if you're physically doomed to get repeatedly sick? What if the real issue wasn't the cold or flu but something deeper. I used to get sick all the time in my 20s and that also happened to co-incide with when my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) was at its most severe in terms of symptom manifestation. How are the … [Read more...]

Don’t let the fungi take over!


Fungal infections… That oh so NOT sexy sounding thing that does however hit quite a few of us at some point in our lives. We’re tackling this topic in my new ‘geek out corner’ with many more interesting topics to come. It's no secret I'm a science nerd, nor is it a secret that I've had my fair share of health challenges in my time. I am delighted to have Martin Mayer, Biomedical scientist from Concept Holistic Health, shed a little light on these tiny things and why, if not kept in check, they … [Read more...]

What is aspartame made from?

Can You Get Hooked on Diet Soda

What is aspartame actually made from? That question was finally answered recently, when the aspartame patent was made available online recently. Find a copy of it here. After a quick scan you see that it certainly isn't something that is easy to understand or read and therefore there is no way it can be understood by our bodies - that's my rule. If you don't know what it is or understand it, then neither does your body. I was super excited to learn that the G8 was launching an enquiry … [Read more...]

My Fridge Exposed


My hippy fridge - despite being an inner city apartment dweller - is most often packed to the rafter with hippy, home made goodness so here it is... for anyone who's curiosity is piqued by such things: I give you my fridge!   You've most probably heard me go on about stock now before. I live what I teach I tell you, as you can see by my dated jar stash in the fridge with chicken and fish stocks on the go at the moment! Read about stock here. Coconut cream - Couldn't get my AYAM … [Read more...]

Get REAL on body image

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REAL. Is it a word being over used these days? I don't think it's being used enough yet and possibly least of all when it comes to body image, never mind food and personal care products (for a change). Question at every turn: Is this REAL? If the answer is no, then ask Why am I buying it? Why am I trying to live up to it? Why do I really need *it* and how exactly is it making me happier? It makes no sense how we can be bitching about a photoshop image in a magazine one minute and then … [Read more...]

Lifting the lid on Green Washing

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There is a flood of "green" products coming out onto the market but the question is this: Is it really that much better for us and the environment OR is it "Green Wash" and are you being had? Some really are as green as the label suggests and some are cashing in on the movement, so we need to take our fine toothed combs into 'eco land' too, annoyingly! I forgot our BYO hippie shampoo for the little guy after swimming the other day and then saw "Organic / Eco Fresh" product range in the … [Read more...]