Low Tox Legend: Shakti Grace aka The Holistic Chef

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There are many ways to enhance our real food regime. I'm not one for obsessing over the latest, weirdest extract from the hair of siberian mountain goats for a mere $800 per jar, no sir - Not even if it proclaims to hold the key to eternal life! Every now and then though, there are cool products that make it past the hype to prove themselves as great nutritional supplements full of real food power - especially during our busiest times when skipping the odd meal or being temped by quick grab junk … [Read more...]

Low Tox Legend: Meet Cindy Luken

Cindy Luken + kids

Cindy Luken has emerged from a few years off the radar after creating and building an outrageously successful biscuit empire, Luken & May. She is an inspirational entrepreneur and a true 'life liver' never compromising on leading the life she loves.┬áNow, comes the next adventure for Cindy: Luk Beautifood. She fuses her love for beauty inside and out with an exquisite range of food active lipsticks. Here is our little interview, I hope you enjoy it! 1. From bikkies to lippies: Why the … [Read more...]

Low Tox Legend: Irene Falcone, Founder of Nourishedlife.com.au


Knowing my products as well as I do due to being a complete detective geek, i see a few loopholes every now and then, in the world of selling 'natural' alternatives. It is very hard to find retailers that you can 100% trust. Enter Irene Falcone, creator of Nourished Life, from Sydney. Irene, in a very beautiful way, is the bull in the china shop of the high tox world. She blasts through lies. She tells it like it is, based on extensive and obsessive research. She makes absolutely sure that … [Read more...]

Low Tox Legend: Aimee Marks, founder of TOM Organic

Aimee Marks

I was recently invited to an incredibly inspiring conference for women in business, by CBA's Women in Focus network. We were treated to the stories of Australia and New Zealand's finest entrepreneurs and female business minds. The most powerful thing that came from the conference for me, was meeting so many people with their head and heart aligned - something I am striving to achieve myself, and a huge part of why I started this blog. This post is to highlight an entrepreneur and all round … [Read more...]

Low Tox Legend: Meet Tabitha McIntosh

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I'm so proud to present my "Low Tox Legends" series, introducing and sharing the secrets of fabulous people around the world, who rock Low Tox living, despite the challenges when living in big cities. This part of the site will be an inspiration to all of us wanting to choose the life less toxic and learn from the best with their tips and insights. I'm starting with a local hero. She has a successful Natural Health clinic in Sydney, Australia & appears often on morning television, giving … [Read more...]