Don’t let the fungi take over!


Fungal infections… That oh so NOT sexy sounding thing that does however hit quite a few of us at some point in our lives. We’re tackling this topic in my new ‘geek out corner’ with many more interesting topics to come. It's no secret I'm a science nerd, nor is it a secret that I've had my fair share of health challenges in my time. I am delighted to have Martin Mayer, Biomedical scientist from Concept Holistic Health, shed a little light on these tiny things and why, if not kept in check, they … [Read more...]

Coconut caramel lemon body scrub


It's funny how brand can seduce us so strongly. Because of 'brand' we choose products made with fragrances that don't naturally exist, plastic microbeads that pollute our lakes and oceans, and preservatives that alter our body's hormone production. Because of brand, we spend $50 on a 'luxury' scrub as a 'treat'. Because of brand we believe we feel better, validated, comforted, giddy... I too have bought many a time because of brand. I once worked in the luxury beauty industry pushing the most … [Read more...]

Every day is Earth Day


From little things, big changes come. That's what we MUST believe and remember this Earth Day, 2014. When we look at 'getting healthy', one of the most wonderful by products of that, is the fact that we begin on work much bigger than ourselves. We actually start saving the planet - whether you start out as an environmental activist, who wants to eat healthier, or someone who wants to eat healthier, becoming environmentally aware, either way, both meet in a very happy medium of consciousness. … [Read more...]

Meditation – A seriously beginner’s, beginner’s guide


Meditation. Why is it everywhere these days? Seems we're being invited to explore the magic of meditation at every turn across the interwebs, flyers at the cafe, banners outside community halls... But why? Well, it's a result of YOU thinking you can be everywhere, doing everything, with 11 browser windows open, jogging across your apartment to get to the bedroom faster to pop shoes on to pick up your child who's kindy closes in 7 mins, a 6 minute drive away. Oh wait, that's ME. I relish the … [Read more...]

Autism Awareness Month and the Mindd Foundation


I'm going to share a little diagnostic story about my son. He's not autistic but in seeking treatment for left field symptoms, I turned to the Mindd Foundation for an Integrative Treatment approach - a foundation who champions raising awareness for autism and many other illnesses manifesting themselves in droves today, all around us. So while it's Global Autism awareness day, I thought I'd share my reasoning for choosing an integrative practitioner for my son's recent issue, and then highlight … [Read more...]

Real Food Rockstar: Patricia Bragg

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.47.52 PM

It's not often that you happen upon a Real Food Rockstar of international fame. Patricia Bragg of Bragg apple cider vinegar and all their other delicious things arrived at the wonderful Wholefoods House just as I'd ducked in to grab some supplies. Turns out she was here touring and happened to be doing a demo. Awesome. If you don't know much about the history of Bragg and the amazing health crusading father and daughter the website is a wonderful resource on all sorts of amazing … [Read more...]

Make your own natural air freshener

spray bottle

Today, I got into a taxi. It was a beautiful, clean and new taxi. An overwhelming smell of bubblegum air came over me as the door shut though and I was trapped. I asked if he had on of those 'plugged in' air freshener thingies on and he said no. It was like that when he picked it up for his shift and he couldn't find where the smell was coming from. I had to tell him why this was dangerous for him to be working in this environment for hours at a time with no fresh air. Pthalates are a very … [Read more...]

Adrenals – Keeping yours healthy with 10 guest expert tips


I had a terrible time of it post pregnancy. You've only ever known me as a glass overflowing, charge ahead, boundless energy kind of girl, but boy were the 2 years after my pregnancy hard.  I was experiencing anxiety - a permanent pang in the middle of my chest, and a feeling like I couldn't ever take a big enough deep breath to relax. I found everything hard and yet couldn't stop myself from being busy. I was incapable of taking a nap when the bub slept, ending up being just more frustrated … [Read more...]