Fool proof chicken liver pate


Pâté has got to be one of the most nutrient dense and delicious things you can regularly enjoy. Personally I don't make it or eat it if I can't find organic, pasture raised for ethical reasons. The choice is yours but things to consider are... Why organic when it comes to chicken? Three reasons Free range is a loose term and can still mean heavy antibiotic use, cramped quarters and little time outside. Most chickens are fed grains with genetically modified corn and soy in their mix. Bad … [Read more...]

Turkey San Choy Bow

Turkey San Choy Bow

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little piece about how crazy it was that IQS and Paleo were in the most dangerous fad diets list. You can get up to speed here on that piece if you fancy. It has spurred me to share with you a lovely recipe by the IQS team to illustrate my point. This isn't sponsored. I haven't been paid. I am just a big fan of justice and logic, thus the motivation to prove my point the best way possible: With a meal. Especially with a meal that is perfect for Christmas turkey … [Read more...]

Epic salad

Greens, herb, spice, and citrus salad

I've had a busy week of workshops and have decided to run with the theme of making the absolute most out of beautiful, natural ingredients by showing just how satisfying and 'epic' a salad can be. We humans crave the "new". I've been thinking of late it's because we used to be nomads and there was always a new plant to explore, or animal to catch... Food marketers of course give us 'new' stuff all the time, but their playing on our desire to be continually excited by food, leads us down a … [Read more...]

Stock, Broth and Frequently asked questions


Stock and broth. More an more people are discovering the power of this food, given it feeds us so much of what is missing in a modern diet. This is why people notice such quick health improvements soon after starting to incorporate them into their diets. A year ago I wrote a sort of mini manual on the why we should be incorporating stocks and the 'how' of basic stocks - chicken, fish and beef. It's here.  And I've been asked a whole bunch of questions in between on facebook. I've done a … [Read more...]

Dukkah Crusted Schnitzel

dukkah crusted schnitzel

Schnitzel is the king of comfort foods for me. There are some pretty creepy pre made schnitzels out there, even at butcher's (unless it's mine at GRUB). and because we're gluten free, we make our own. Dukkah instead of rice crumbs / bread crumbs makes this flavour packed. I hope you love it and as always, why not double this and freeze the other half, uncooked for a manic week day where you can just defrost them overnight in the fridge and quickly pan fry for a 10 minute meal with … [Read more...]

Marinated shish kebabs


Could these be any easier? No. Shish kebabs are the easiest thing to make and a great way to get kids in on the action when it comes to choosing what's going to be on their sticks and threading the bits on with you! I always feel like if kids are part of the cooking process, then they'll be more likely to try something they might otherwise not be a fan of. Have you found that? What you'll need (serves 6. Best is to prepare the meat and marinate overnight or all day for tenderness) 600g … [Read more...]

Easy chicken spinach curry

Easy chicken spinach curry

I love a good curry and I think a lot of people believe it's really difficult to make. Like all things though, once you demystify it, you wonder why you spent so many years getting take out! I hope you enjoy this one, a curry I decided to make up as I went along on the weekend, that proved wonderful in it's results, so I had to share!   What you'll need (serves 4) 3 tablespoons organic ghee or coconut oil 1 large purple onion, chopped roughly and fine 6-8 chicken thigh fillets … [Read more...]

14 ideas to nourish you up!

feeling full

The reason that '14 foods to nourish you up' has come about, is that I have been approached 4 times this week by people desperate to feel full and a couple of parents desperate to fill their kids up. One boy cried of hunger the other day and one girl cleans out an expensive wholefoods pantry before her mum has barely had time to restock it. Eating to nourish and feel full isn't about quick fixes. It's about finding lasting energy. Something a lot of people experience when cleaning their diet is … [Read more...]