Variety is the spice of health

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We are bombarded with new information on foods everyday - one day they harm, the next day they’re to be consumed with abandon. The confusion mounts and you may indeed find yourself asking yourself: What should I eat? I want to share a simple, relaxed solution: Real Food and from there? Variety. So many people wake up, eat cereal or toast. Go to school or work and eat a sandwich. Come home and eat a grainy snack. Then dinner, maybe pasta and sauce. Maybe there’s some processed food in the … [Read more...]

Want to halve your meal making time with one simple tip?

cut time in half

We're busy. We're all busy. Jobs, raising kids, making time to see friends and making time for ourselves (see? I put us last. We've really got to stop doing that!) So today I shared on Periscope a live look at my humble little kitchen and how to get the maximum return on your kitchen efforts. One little tip that literally slashes your time spent cooking in half. The revelation you're ready for? Cook two meals with similar methods at a time. Yep. if you're not already doing this, it will … [Read more...]

This family went everything organic for 2 weeks


This is such a powerful little 90 second doco. You can catch the article about their story here. I remember when I learnt about pesticides and we went organic with most of our food nearly overnight. It was our least financially able time. I was so affected by my new found knowledge that we just made it work. We learnt the short cuts such as using bones to make stock and veggie soups using pan juices and fats to saute the next meal's beginnings instead of 'new' glugs of oil or knobs … [Read more...]

Do you fall for this food label catch phrase?


There is many a catch phrase on food packaging. One of the most common is 'no artificial ingredients' or 'additive free'. Do not be fooled. This does not mean you can trust the product and skip reading the ingredients. Exhibit A is a product that had a big "No artificial ingredients or preservatives" on the front. It doesn't matter what the brand was. It's this sort of thing that is still catching well meaning people thinking they're making a better choice. The best choice you can make is to … [Read more...]

Meat Free Week? Consider this instead…


Meat Free Week is actually based on excellent reasoning, for one part. We eat too much meat in this country. That's the part I love about the meat free week messaging. The bit I'm scared of however, is the bit where a bunch of well meaning people do a meat free week, pat themselves on the back, and then head straight back to the meat they usually buy, which in the case of chicken or pork for example, is 90% factory farmed. Success for treatment of animals? I think, not. Success for health? … [Read more...]

Park Hill Garlic

park hill garlic close up

Welcome to the 2013 Park Hill Garlic season. If you know this stuff of the gods then hop straight over to the order form. Or read on to learn the little story. Last year, my mother in law decided to make use of her beautiful bit of land in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. It was time to add to the dogs, cat and chooks and grow a bit of produce for sale - my inner hippy got very excited at the prospect of this and pitched in to help make it happen as did the rest of the family and … [Read more...]

Mindful eating


In the 45 minutes duration of my son's soccer lesson recently, I witnessed mini packets of shapes, rice wheels, grain waves, potato stix, biscuits with lollies stuck to them, cupcakes, juice poppers all being enjoyed by younger siblings. It was between 9.45am and 10.30am. No children asked for food at any point. All were offered it by parents incessantly. All went on to do other things while eating, such as scootering, running, climbing a tree, while eating the snacks. I therefore wanted to … [Read more...]

The Inconvenient Truth about most convenience foods

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There's an inconvenient truth about most convenience foods. It's that convenient often means the cost is elsewhere or down the line as Prince Charles, staunch slow food and ethical food advocate, said in this wonderful piece earlier this week. Sometimes the convenience is packaged as time, and sometimes as money. Take a look at this convenience item I found in the super market as the perfect example to illustrate this point - this one packaged as a time saver. I'm excluding brand as this is … [Read more...]