Bubba Yum Yum – A chat with Charlotte Carr

Bubba yum yum

I've known Charlotte Carr for many years. Randomly for a few years there, I was a singer songwriter playing pubs (seemed the perfect quarter life crisis career step disillusioned by the cosmetics industry, don't you think?) We met because during that time I'd gigged with Wes Carr her now hubby, and a dear friend of my sister's. Anyway, you get the picture. As far as character reference, I feel I am able to comment here that she's not some crazy lady trying to convert everyone to feeding their … [Read more...]

Happy International No Diet Day


Diets as a teenager are what stuffed my metabolism up. Diet pills, sweet liquid breakfasts... It's all wrong. Thinking we can eat 'whatever we want' is also wrong. Eating junk because 'dieting is boring or too hard' is also not a solution. There's nothing wrong with finding a 'food mix' that makes you feel awesome. I'm not talking about that kind of 'diet' here. I'm talking about deprivation and restriction to the point where the stress makes us feel far worse than eating a big hearty meal … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day 2014


Well, we are less than 2 weeks away from Food Revolution Day, 2014. MAY 16 is the day and this year will be the biggest yet! I have been a Food Revolution Ambassador for nearly two years and it is with great pleasure that I take things online this year - because it means we can all celebrate together! What is Food Revolution Day?Ā  It's a Global day to celebrate cooking skills. It's a coming together of people wanting to embrace the Real Food way of life - Enjoying fresh produce, getting … [Read more...]

Stirring Change

costa and me

I was lucky to be asked to come speak at Stirring Change's event the other night, along with Grant from Feather and Bone and the awesome Costa from Costa's world. It was the culmination of a 'What should I Eat' course held by the lovely Georgia from Stirring Change. 50 graduates with a +1 each, creating 100 people heading out to the world to stir a little real food change for their families, their communities and indeed the world - because that's just how simply change works! I spoke about … [Read more...]

Real Food Rockstar: Patricia Bragg

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It's not often that you happen upon a Real Food Rockstar of international fame. Patricia Bragg of Bragg apple cider vinegar and all their other delicious things arrived at the wonderful Wholefoods House just as I'd ducked in to grab some supplies. Turns out she was here touring and happened to be doing a demo. Awesome. If you don't know much about the history of Bragg and the amazing health crusading father and daughter the Bragg.com website is a wonderful resource on all sorts of amazing … [Read more...]

Real Food Rock Stars: Eat Fit Food

EFF logo

I was wondering after seeing some horrible meal service commercial on TV, whether there was anyone out there who actually got it right in the land of meal delivery services. I knew of a couple of lovely gourmet delivery meal services, but on the wellness and 'real' healthy eating focused front, it seemed all options were still in low fat la la land serving up additive laden foods often high starch to boot, or you then had all the juice fast businesses. Literally at the time of my pondering, … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day 2013


The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution day, while of course created by the awesome Jamie, is a symbol for so much more than one person's mission. It's a symbol for all the efforts, the many movements, initiatives, grants, education programs, farmers' markets and people making a difference when it comes to getting the essential message of Real Food out there in the world. It's a day for doing, not just thinking we should do something. There are still too many people going through life completely … [Read more...]

Meet Real Food Rockstar: Teresa Cutter

Teresa Promo shot

I love to cook, as you may know. I also love the wellness community I've found myself becoming a part of, in my time writing and speaking around the traps. As such, it's rather awesome to share stories and wisdom from many fabulous wellness promoting individuals, such as this month's Real Food Rockstar, Teresa Cutter, aka, the Healthy Chef. When I was pressed for time to create a grain free / gluten freeĀ lamington recipe for Australia day low and behold, Teresa's recipe popped up on my feed and … [Read more...]