Super simple snapper

cooked snapper

I simply had to pop this super simple snapper recipe up so you could make in the coming days. This was for our little family of 3, but for a bigger family you could just double it and use two pans. So simple. Super tasty. 15 minute meal with steamed greens on the side. Perfection! What you'll need 2 large snapper fillets (about 4oo-450g) or any other white fish is fine. 1/3-1/2 bunch parsley 2 garlic cloves 3 stalks of spring onion 60g butter 1/4 lime or lemon sea salt to … [Read more...]

Octopus Stew


Octopus. One of those ingredients you perhaps love when someone does it 'properly', ie when you don't cook it. Does it end up too rubbery? Not sure how to cook it? Not sure why it's awesome? Octopus grows fast and has a short life cycle, making it a great sustainable choice when procured locally (watch for frozen imports, especially baby octopus). The problem with Octopus is that people often end up with chewy, unpleasing textures when cooking it too long or not long enough. If you were to … [Read more...]

Cured Coconut Lime Fish


This lil' number was brought on by discovering those fabulous scallop shells for sale at the Sydney Fish Markets. "What a cute canap√© base" I thought. Away we went! Serve this with a crisp champagne or citrusy cocktail. I hope you love it as much as I do! What you'll need 200g firm white fish. I used flathead. 50ml freshly squeezed lime juice 75ml coconut milk 2 pinches of celtic sea salt 1 tablespoon Gomasio (japanese condiment of sesame seeds, seaweed and salt) 1 handful … [Read more...]

Super Simple Salmon Cakes


These super simple salmon cakes really are a great and easy recipe. Double it up and freeze into ready-to-go cakes for a time down the track where the day doesn't offer you any prep time whatsoever - no, NOT the next night ;-) There were beautiful fresh Huon salmon off cuts for $11 per 500g at the fish markets the other day - 2 packets please as that's practically the price of the cans! The kilo is perfect for 6 adults or a small family with leftovers for another time. What you'll … [Read more...]

6 minute Fish Soup

6 minute fish soup

What to cook when you're in the door at 7pm and starving? Use your Stock. Stock. Stock. There is no better way to create instant meals that are ridiculously nourishing AND taste divine, than with high quality stock. Enjoy this incredibly quick fish soup for one! If there's more of you, just multiply it out how ever many times you need it! What you'll need! 1 cup fish stock. You can check out my '10 reasons to make your own stock' post here. 1/2 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup water 1 cup … [Read more...]

Real Fish Fingers

No Trans Fat Fried Fish Fingers

There's something about when you crumb and fry something, it gets eaten and loved. Given that most crumbed and fried things are loaded with trans fats, uber refined flour, cage eggs and refined bread crumbs packed with 'numbers', I naturally had to create a better option! Have a look at this ingredient list for comparison: Supermarket Fish Finger Ingredient List:¬†Hake or hoki fish fillets (56%), water, wheat flour, maize flour, canola oil, wheat starch, maize starch, salt, yeast, wheat … [Read more...]

Seafood Bathed in a Heavenly Coconut Tomato Broth

Seafood in Coconut Tomato Broth

Rich flavours. Strapped for time. Making a handful of marinara mix and 8 prawns stretch to a 4 person family meal? That's what I'm all about with this recipe! Soothing coconut broth with a hint of spices, anti-inflammatory turmeric, tomato and greens - it's a warming bowl of health. Plus, if you don't have fish stock at hand - my cheat's fish stock gets you great flavour in 15 minutes! The first time you make this, it will probably take you a little longer to navigate, I won't lie. Now I've made … [Read more...]