Buy Nothing New Curry – Vegetarian / Vegan

Vegetarian Curry

I love that I'm writing this up on world vegetarian day! No matter what style of diet or nutritional 'box' you might put yourself in, we could all make more room for veggies! This got dubbed the 'buy nothing new curry' because the veggies used for it resembled bits and pieces fit for the compost bin. BUT, I like to push the envelop and reduce waste wherever and whenever possible, so I decided, on a night when my boys were out for dinner, that I'd make the curry for myself and test it. Oh how my … [Read more...]

Simple Thai Chicken Soup

thai chicken soup 2

I am such a fan of the quick throw together soup. This Thai chicken soup was exactly that. I couldn't face another plain chicken stock soup - you know when you just CRAVE a big punchy flavour vibe? Well, this was that for me earlier last week. This is easy to make with any kinds of leftovers you have in meat or veg department - except maybe root veg, not so awesome for this texture wise, but zucchini / fennel / kale... Those would all be great veggie alternatives if you've not got / don't eat … [Read more...]

Octopus Stew


Octopus. One of those ingredients you perhaps love when someone does it 'properly', ie when you don't cook it. Does it end up too rubbery? Not sure how to cook it? Not sure why it's awesome? Octopus grows fast and has a short life cycle, making it a great sustainable choice when procured locally (watch for frozen imports, especially baby octopus). The problem with Octopus is that people often end up with chewy, unpleasing textures when cooking it too long or not long enough. If you were to … [Read more...]

Cool Green Soup – Comes with a free halo!


You may have heard, I'm on a quest to incorporate cooling, soothing chokos into gorgeous dishes. This dish is just so darn FRESH. Perfect for hot weather or days when you feel the need to eat something completely cleansing and pure, or a great little appetiser for lunches in the summer time. It's super easy and leaves you feeling like a green light has been turned on inside you, giving you, bright eyes, lightness and energy. What you'll need (serves 4 entrée sized soups, or 20 little … [Read more...]

Super Quick Luscious Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

Red bean and sweet potato soup

You're looking at your week. It's a nightmare. This is a recipe that will take you less time to organise than the queue at the take away shop. Promise. It's luscious, packed with nourishment and superfood goodness and it's a completely no fuss style of soup. Sold? Well, here you go! What you'll need! (Serves 8-10) 2 cups Red Lentils. 2 litres best chicken stock you can afford, or home made. (veggie stock is fine too of course for vegetarians/ vegans) 1.25 kg sweet potatoes, … [Read more...]

Luscious Bean Soup

Mixed bean Soup

Luscious Bean Soup As winter draws to a close here in Sydney, I feel my rich soup days are soon to be replaced with lighter, brighter foods - such is the way of the seasons and I just love those changes through the year and seeing new things pop up at the markets! If you're not a market goer yet, it really does take you from saying to yourself 'we need tomatoes can you grab some' to 'look at all these different tomatoes, which ones should we try?". This Bean Soup is an easy one. Those soup … [Read more...]

Cracking Cruciferous Soup

Vegetable Soup

It's like a meal title from a Dr Seuss book, and it's cracking in more ways than taste.. How's 20 minutes in the making and $14 dollars to feed 4 people a delicious organic meal. Soothing, restorative and warming. I love the 'stick mix' method of soup making when you're strapped for time - You don't need to chop anything with precision, as it's all about to be puréed. This soup forgives you, just get everything in the pan already and enjoy! What you'll need 50g butter (or coconut oil if … [Read more...]

Seafood Bathed in a Heavenly Coconut Tomato Broth

Seafood in Coconut Tomato Broth

Rich flavours. Strapped for time. Making a handful of marinara mix and 8 prawns stretch to a 4 person family meal? That's what I'm all about with this recipe! Soothing coconut broth with a hint of spices, anti-inflammatory turmeric, tomato and greens - it's a warming bowl of health. Plus, if you don't have fish stock at hand - my cheat's fish stock gets you great flavour in 15 minutes! The first time you make this, it will probably take you a little longer to navigate, I won't lie. Now I've made … [Read more...]