Simple Thai Chicken Soup

thai chicken soup 2

I am such a fan of the quick throw together soup. This Thai chicken soup was exactly that. I couldn't face another plain chicken stock soup - you know when you just CRAVE a big punchy flavour vibe? Well, this was that for me earlier last week. This is easy to make with any kinds of leftovers you have in meat or veg department - except maybe root veg, not so awesome for this texture wise, but zucchini / fennel / kale... Those would all be great veggie alternatives if you've not got / don't eat … [Read more...]

Meal replacement is still a meal


Meal replacement still trends as a big way that people are sold on weight loss. For some it helps people break the habit of eating so much, and for others it's for convenience - ie, just chug down this drink instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy meal, carefully. It's a busy world. I get it.   Thing is, there are 4 red flags when it comes to 'meal replacement'. 1. It's still a meal. You're still ingesting something with a nutritional / chemical profile at a meal time. This … [Read more...]

Super Speedy Chocolate Breakfast Shake

chocolate shake

Ok. Totally incensed by the Australian Government and Kellogg's declaring these Chocolate breakfast shakes a "green light for tuckshops / school canteens".  Outrageous. You can see the facebook post I did on this here. 24.5g sugar and a whole host of other crazy processed ingredients, synthetic vitamins - you name it, this bad boy is exactly how NOT to start your day - child, you or anyone for that matter. So, because I'm a solution based kind of girl and couldn't sleep having learnt of … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Tamari Chicken Drumsticks


How do you turn 12 drumsticks into enough to feed 15 people over time? This post answers that question. Chicken drumsticks are such an economical way to have organic chicken regularly at home, and we tend to buy whole chooks or drumsticks for that reason. For around $8-10 per kilo depending on where you get it from, you're not only getting the meat, but the amazing nutrients from the bones afterwards for making your chicken stock for future soups, sauces, risottos and stews. If you're doing … [Read more...]

Instant Banana, Coconut, Lime Ice Cream

BeFunky_banana ice cream

You know those times you want something really yummy YESTERDAY, that you can fool the toughest customer (often ourselves) to believe is a legitimate treat? Welcome to this instant ice cream. All you need is a good blitzer - a thermomix, a kenwood tri blade stick mix... Just something that can blitz through frozen ingredients easily. This will take you literally 3 minutes & is silky smooth and luxurious in texture, packed with flavour and not a whisper of an additive in sight! "Why can't I … [Read more...]

Super Quick Luscious Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup


You're looking at your week. It's a nightmare. This is a recipe that will take you less time to organise that the queue at the take away shop. Promise. It's luscious, packed with nourishment and superfood goodness and it's a completely no fuss style of soup. Sold? Well, here you go! What you'll need! (Serves 8-10) 2 cups Red Lentils. 2 litres best chicken stock you can afford, or home made. (veggie stock is fine too of course for vegetarians/ vegans) 1.25 kg sweet potatoes, … [Read more...]

10 Organic Saving Tips


Organics is a question of priorities to me: What we put in our bodies  has such an important impact on our physical and mental fitness during the course of our development and lives. The harmful effects of refined food, pesticides and preservatives can no longer be ignored and we have to find ways to move away from those foods - for us and for our poor planet. It is expensive though, and with Sydney being an ex-y town as it is, I thought i'd list some tips, not all of which are location based. … [Read more...]

10 kitchen short cuts for the home cook


It's a busy modern world and it's hard to keep fabulous food on the table every night - especially if cooking is not really a passion (yet!) or you weren't taught by someone great, so you're wasting time following recipes to the letter. Here are a few short cuts I take to cut kitchen time. Planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance, as an old boss once said. The 6 P's, she called it! Find time and cut the cuttable corners to make sure your meals at home ROCK! If it's a stew, … [Read more...]