Fresh Fennel Salad

fennel mango herb salad

Do you need a salad? I need a salad. I adore shaved fennel and adding bigger flavours like herbs and something sweet to it. This simple salad is a great side to fish, chicken or prawns. I served it on the weekend for some dear friends who were round for dinner and we found out they were 11 weeks pregnant - Don't you love that? More beautiful babies in the world with super cool parents. I hope you enjoy it!   What you'll need (serves 6 as a side) 2 medium - large heads of fennel, … [Read more...]

The inaugural lunch box – And Lunch Box Tips

lunchbox idea

So after 3 years of joyfully helping people with back to school lunch box ideas as the occasions arose, today it was my turn to pack my first lunch box. I was a little nervous in the lead up to the first day of the little man's school life. The past year he went through that super shy / social freak out phase. Despite it eventually subsiding say after that first swim lesson of term or hour of a party, I wondered whether today would be really hard. I was braced and ready. We'd talked about how … [Read more...]

5 ideas to use up your leftover almond pulp

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.24.33 pm

Our culture is a little milk obsessed. With so many opting out of dairy for allergy or dietary preference, instead of opting out of milk altogether, they're turning to alternative milks. Almond milk is the fastest growing in popularity. I'm not a huge fan of packet almond milks nor of drinking massive quantities of the stuff. Fine, if you fancy a drop for your tea or coffee, or a little for a smoothie, but if you eat lots of good, real food, there is no need to 'supplement' with almond milk so … [Read more...]

Epic salad

Greens, herb, spice, and citrus salad

I've had a busy week of workshops¬†and have decided to run with the theme of making the absolute most out of beautiful, natural ingredients by showing just how satisfying and 'epic' a salad can be. We humans crave the "new". I've been thinking of late it's because we used to be nomads and there was always a new plant to explore, or animal to catch... Food marketers of course give us 'new' stuff all the time, but their playing on our desire to be continually excited by food, leads us down a … [Read more...]

Simple Thai Chicken Soup

thai chicken soup 2

I am such a fan of the quick throw together soup. This Thai chicken soup was exactly that. I couldn't face another plain chicken stock soup - you know when you just CRAVE a big punchy flavour vibe? Well, this was that for me earlier last week. This is easy to make with any kinds of leftovers you have in meat or veg department - except maybe root veg, not so awesome for this texture wise, but zucchini / fennel / kale... Those would all be great veggie alternatives if you've not got / don't eat … [Read more...]

Meal replacement is still a meal


Meal replacement still trends as a big way that people are sold on weight loss. For some it helps people break the habit of eating so much, and for others it's for convenience - ie, just chug down this drink instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy meal, carefully. It's a busy world. I get it.   Thing is, there are 4 red flags when it comes to 'meal replacement'. 1. It's still a meal. You're still ingesting something with a nutritional / chemical profile at a meal time. This … [Read more...]

Super Speedy Chocolate Breakfast Shake

chocolate shake

Ok. Totally incensed by the Australian Government and Kellogg's declaring these Chocolate breakfast shakes a "green light for tuckshops / school canteens". ¬†Outrageous. You can see the facebook post I did on this here. 24.5g sugar and a whole host of other crazy processed ingredients, synthetic vitamins - you name it, this bad boy is exactly how NOT to start your day - child, you or anyone for that matter. So, because I'm a solution based kind of girl and couldn't sleep having learnt of … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Tamari Chicken Drumsticks


How do you turn 12 drumsticks into enough to feed 15 people over time? This post answers that question. Chicken drumsticks are such an economical way to have organic chicken regularly at home, and we tend to buy whole chooks or drumsticks for that reason. For around $8-10 per kilo depending on where you get it from, you're not only getting the meat, but the amazing nutrients from the bones afterwards for making your chicken stock for future soups, sauces, risottos and stews. If you're doing … [Read more...]