Simple nourishing fruit jellies

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There's a beautiful little yoga class I do called Yoga Pop, with my little man each Wednesday morning at Flow athletic. At the end of the class, we share a treat with all the parents and little ones, made by yours truly. So far I've made a few treats from my book Real Treats, but this week, I wanted to shares some delicious jellies, to show mums how easy they are to make, and how nourishing they are as a treat option, with zero weirdness that you'd find in a supermarket jelly (You can read an … [Read more...]

Lemon custard tart with sweet short crust pastry

lemon custard tart

Lemon custard is so delicious. The zing of the lemon  cuts through the richness and when set with gelatin and poured into delicious short crust pastry, it all comes together for a happy dance in your mouth! I've tried this on my benchmark friend who edits Australia's most successful magazine and she says: YES! Sensational gluten free short crust pastry. So now, I bring it to you. This can be made with any filling you fancy - raw cheesecake filling, savoury filling, berry or chocolate mousse … [Read more...]

Double Decker Chocolate Bar


You and I know it's Top Deck reinvented, but to avoid a law suit, let's call it a Double Decker chocolate bar, shall we? This is easy to make once you know how - and I mean easy! It's also delicious to eat. You only need 4 - 5 ingredients depending whether you use the vanilla or not AND setting it into the two layers takes all of 30 minutes before you are free to tuck in. It's also got health benefits Packed with lauric acid from coconut oil - Immune building awesomeness and perfect … [Read more...]

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Mayonnaise

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Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie with chocolate mayonnaise - Yes, it's happening. So super simple to make and yummy. A great little afternoon tea treat when guests are around or a luscious dessert square served with fresh berries as we did last night around at friends - Given I am gluten free and the little man is gluten / cassein free, I always volunteer to make dessert. It takes the pressure off the host and means everyone can partake in the joy of dessert when celebrating with friends. This is … [Read more...]

Sticky Pecan & Hazelnut tart


This gluten free, fructose free, casein and lactose free beauty is my adaptation of that classic, uber sweet sticky pecan tart that we've all surely enjoyed in the past? Being gluten free isn't an affliction and there's no way we're missing out on the smell of pastry in an oven or the caramelisation of nuts bubbling away in a tart like this. No siree! My inspiration was the cover of a local newspaper lift out, Good Food, a few months ago, of a rather incredible looking walnut and macadamia … [Read more...]

No bake Coconut Butter cups


I love the trick of making coconut butter from desiccated coconut. Quite in awe of the magic! Coconut butter cups are an easy, yummy solution if you want a treat but don't want to cook want to up your healthy fats want to boost your immune system want an anti fungal from nature want to cut sugar want a treat that will stave OFF hunger, rather than promoting it - PERFECT for after school hungry hoards! trying to avoid chocolate (I know, I know but some people have to, so if that's … [Read more...]

Crunchy coconut and nut sprinkle OR crumble topping

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Crunchy coconut and nut sprinkle is something that you can have on yoghurt with berries in the morning for breakfast as a granola, as well as being a decadent little something to sprinkle on desserts such as chocolate mousse, ice cream or custards for dessert. I love to use it as a dairy and grain free crumble topping too, just by layering a thick layer over warm stewed fruits just before serving - HELLO AUTUMN! It takes 20 minutes go to woe and then you have a 'stash' at the ready for whenever … [Read more...]

Lemony coconut custard

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I love adding lemon zest to a dairy free, coconut custard. It cuts the richness of the coconut and makes is delicious and fresh. We've had to cut all dairy, including raw milk and butter out of the little man's diet at the moment, healing his gut after finding a tricky parasite, so while we weren't huge dairy eaters already, unless you count the odd farmhouse cheese, but it's funny how cutting the butter and odd bit of raw milk out has swung me into withdrawal symptoms. This custard does MORE … [Read more...]