Sugar Rush – The time is now

the time is now

Health care bills are rising. Our medicare here in Australia has gone up just over 50% in just the last 10 years alone - with a 5 billion dollar projected increase in just 3 short years from 2013 to 2016 (source: website) It is time to realise as a nation that we MUST change our food habits. Let's start with the fact that we need to actually eat more real food. My Real Food Manifesto is this, which I wrote back in 2012.   It's pretty simple and if enough people … [Read more...]

Variety is the spice of health

crayons variety

We are bombarded with new information on foods everyday - one day they harm, the next day they’re to be consumed with abandon. The confusion mounts and you may indeed find yourself asking yourself: What should I eat? I want to share a simple, relaxed solution: Real Food and from there? Variety. So many people wake up, eat cereal or toast. Go to school or work and eat a sandwich. Come home and eat a grainy snack. Then dinner, maybe pasta and sauce. Maybe there’s some processed food in the … [Read more...]

She does WHAT?

what happens next

So there's this girl I know... She microwaves popcorn and eats the whole thing in one sitting. It kind of seems to make her cough. She doesn't seem to wonder about that, though. Her idea of a quick meal, is the kind where you pour the contents of a sachet into a bowl, add milk and microwave for 3 minutes 50 on high and add some chopped zucchini for the last minute. She smokes a lot. Nearly a pack a day. She 'really enjoys it' so she's not quitting any time soon although she promised her … [Read more...]

René Redzepi: On bringing NOMA to Australia and my subsequent brain tangents

rene redzepo image

If you're into food, keeping up to date with chefs and restaurant news, you might have heard that René Redzepi yesterday announced that he was bringing his famed NOMA restaurant to Australia for a month, January 2016. Watch his video HERE.  Why am I sharing this here you might be wondering? Because of this sentence: We're here to learn from the Australian landscape. I found that sentence really stopped me and made me think about it's wider meaning. It got me to think about 2 … [Read more...]

Going the half hog with your healthy business?

changemakers vs wingers

There I was... Trying out a trendy new wholefoods destination nearby. Gorgeous presentation, Great bulk bins to buy little bits of this and that without plastic packaging - so far so good! So I thought I'd sample their vegan beetroot brownie and get a piccolo decaf - my daggy coffee order, hopefully redeemed by the 'piccolo' chicness? Maybe? It all looked divine and I so wanted a delicious little reflection spot to work on a number of ideas that had been swimming around in my head of … [Read more...]

The land of hopeful

choices mandela

Here's a little something I wrote and initially posted on instagram yesterday (@Alexx_Stuart) but wanted to preserve it here on the blog - after just having spent a very inspiring day at TedXSydney 2015, Ted being an organisation who's core is "Ideas worth spreading" - it got me thinking... I bet so many of you out there, like me, have ideas worth spreading. So I wanted to check in and make sure that we were acting out of hope and living expansively, rather than retracting based on the fear of … [Read more...]

We can’t hate ourselves into love

hate into love

I saw this quote today from Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha and I fell instantly in love with its truth.   It was one of those sentences that plunged me into a deep 'oh the world' thinking tangent. I thought about all the ways our world 'hates' that have no seeming light at the end of the tunnel. Hate cannot produce love whether it's us doing the hating of ourselves, or whether we're hating on other people, things, places... Not possible. Hate produces more hate, plain and … [Read more...]

Consider 50%

quality act

Consider 50% Instead of 10 cheap tops in the year, could it be 5 you hold dear? Instead of 4 glasses of house wine, could it be 2 glasses of a rarer drop that you savour every sip of? Instead of the all you can eat buffet, could it be a main and a glass of wine in a great restaurant that values you and produce dearly? Instead of 2 for 1 non fair trade non organic chocolate at the store, could it be one precious block where every square makes a difference - to your mood AND the … [Read more...]