Going the half hog with your healthy business?

changemakers vs wingers

There I was... Trying out a trendy new wholefoods destination nearby. Gorgeous presentation, Great bulk bins to buy little bits of this and that without plastic packaging - so far so good! So I thought I'd sample their vegan beetroot brownie and get a piccolo decaf - my daggy coffee order, hopefully redeemed by the 'piccolo' chicness? Maybe? It all looked divine and I so wanted a delicious little reflection spot to work on a number of ideas that had been swimming around in my head of … [Read more...]

The land of hopeful

choices mandela

Here's a little something I wrote and initially posted on instagram yesterday (@Alexx_Stuart) but wanted to preserve it here on the blog - after just having spent a very inspiring day at TedXSydney 2015, Ted being an organisation who's core is "Ideas worth spreading" - it got me thinking... I bet so many of you out there, like me, have ideas worth spreading. So I wanted to check in and make sure that we were acting out of hope and living expansively, rather than retracting based on the fear of … [Read more...]

We can’t hate ourselves into love

hate into love

I saw this quote today from Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha and I fell instantly in love with its truth.   It was one of those sentences that plunged me into a deep 'oh the world' thinking tangent. I thought about all the ways our world 'hates' that have no seeming light at the end of the tunnel. Hate cannot produce love whether it's us doing the hating of ourselves, or whether we're hating on other people, things, places... Not possible. Hate produces more hate, plain and … [Read more...]

Consider 50%

quality act

Consider 50% Instead of 10 cheap tops in the year, could it be 5 you hold dear? Instead of 4 glasses of house wine, could it be 2 glasses of a rarer drop that you savour every sip of? Instead of the all you can eat buffet, could it be a main and a glass of wine in a great restaurant that values you and produce dearly? Instead of 2 for 1 non fair trade non organic chocolate at the store, could it be one precious block where every square makes a difference - to your mood AND the … [Read more...]

5 lessons from my eco adventure to the Fraser Coast

title slide

I cannot believe it's been a month since I saw this incredible sight below, on my eco adventure in Queensland. I was invited by the wonderful Tourism Queensland team, following on from the problogger conference on the Gold Coast. I initially thought to myself "I'm not a travel writer, what on earth am I going to write about?" I certainly didn't want to write something that you guys would find out of context. Then as you do at 3 in the morning, one night, the clarity came: I was reminded of a few … [Read more...]

Are you trapped by your mind?


A big part of conscious living for me, is evaluating often where one's mind is at. What is the flow of thoughts like? Are we being grateful? Compassionate? Brave in the face of our goals and dreams? Let me, for those of you who don't know here, introduce you to Turia Pitt. She is, quite simply, an amazing human. I had the fortune of seeing her share her story this evening thanks to my gym, Flow Athletic, as a part of our '30 days clean' challenge - a month of strengthening the body and … [Read more...]

Happy 2014


They're funny things new years. It's a natural cleanse and catharsis I find, from the build up of 'busyness' of the end of the previous year. I don't know about you, but I find myself seeing the things amplified in December that I feel dissatisfied by, in either my day to day or in general in my life and of myself. This amplification serves as courage to identify what I'm going to refine, build upon, toss out or work to improve come the new year. I also see everything that I love and am grateful … [Read more...]

Wellness is the new skinniness

wellness quote

There's something wonderful about today's growing conversations around health, healing and weight loss. Less talk about dress sizes Less talk about calories Less talk about low fat Less talk about being Size 2 Less talk about losing X pounds in a week Less talk about miracle potions and powders Less talk of deprivation Less talk about will power, weakness and giving into temptation   What's replacing it all? A conversation about wellness.   How do … [Read more...]