Happy 2014


They're funny things new years. It's a natural cleanse and catharsis I find, from the build up of 'busyness' of the end of the previous year. I don't know about you, but I find myself seeing the things amplified in December that I feel dissatisfied by, in either my day to day or in general in my life and of myself. This amplification serves as courage to identify what I'm going to refine, build upon, toss out or work to improve come the new year. I also see everything that I love and am grateful … [Read more...]

Wellness is the new skinniness

wellness quote

There's something wonderful about today's growing conversations around health, healing and weight loss. Less talk about dress sizes Less talk about calories Less talk about low fat Less talk about being Size 2 Less talk about losing X pounds in a week Less talk about miracle potions and powders Less talk of deprivation Less talk about will power, weakness and giving into temptation   What's replacing it all? A conversation about wellness.   How do … [Read more...]

Facing a life long Fear


Me, my sister and my grandmère set off for school one morning. Grandmère was driving us, as she was out from Mauritius visiting for a couple of months. Suddenly a big 8 legged friend walked up the windscreen (on the outside) and within seconds on a major road in Sydney, we'd pulled over, and all got out of the car and grandmère walked us to the bus stop and to school. So irrational was her fear of huntsman spiders, that she left mum's car with the ignition on and key most definitely in, … [Read more...]

Quit guilt. Get excited.

less waste

I sat on a panel this week at Think Act Change, a monthly meet up which is the brain child of Avis Mulhall, passionate change maker. I was joined by the change making Justin Bonsoy, Sally Hill and the inimitable Costa Georgiadis. What a man, what a man. It was an amazing evening. The topic was "Consuming less in a time of excess". We offered our tips and built a conversation with the audience as opposed to speaking the whole time, and that particular element was beautiful. So many ideas and … [Read more...]

Discuss, don’t decide!


I attended a really inspiring dinner this evening. A bunch of women trying to make a difference in the world - super inspiring stuff indeed. It was very frank, very open. There were blockages discussed as well as successes. One of the examples of blockage was one where a woman told us of her experience working in the arts, where it was perceived that a playing field was quite level between the sexes. The women had as much in put as the men when it came to direction, decisions and … [Read more...]



Hi all and a big welcome to loads of new subscribers this week. I hope everyone has had a delicious start to the year. I've been thinking a lot about progress and change this week. When does change feel good? When does it not? Feeling better about ourselves in mind and body AND doing better things for the world with the way we live, should be a delicious, fun and inspiring journey. We don't have to be niche and action doesn't need to be extreme. If we learn, adapt and incorporate better … [Read more...]

Top posts of 2012

pen writing

When I started this blog in March, it was the best way I knew how to share, give, express and inform, on a range of things important to living a better, more real way of life. I'm pleased to report that 121 posts later, 70 of which are recipes, 6 interviews and 44 articles on all sorts of topics, I still feel exactly the same way. I have the longest list of posts and subjects that interest me to explore for us all next year and please, if you ever have anything you'd like explored, don't … [Read more...]

Stuff the Curriculum

be yourself

Do you look back at your earlier years and see yourself more clearly? It's only in looking back at myself as a teen, that I can see the signs of my true 'me' now re-emerging - the me that sees what I want to achieve and unrelentingly goes for it, even if people think I'm a crazy person. I infuriated my music and maths teachers at school. I'd solve problems in a different way to the way we'd been taught in class (mainly because I wasn't paying attention, didn't want to fail and therefore had to … [Read more...]