When cold and flu isn’t what’s really wrong


Are you or is someone you know always getting a cold or flu? It's great if yes, that you might be trying to treat them naturally, build your immune system and get stronger, but what if you're physically doomed to get repeatedly sick? What if the real issue wasn't the cold or flu but something deeper. I used to get sick all the time in my 20s and that also happened to co-incide with when my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) was at its most severe in terms of symptom manifestation. How are the … [Read more...]

Every day is Earth Day


From little things, big changes come. That's what we MUST believe and remember this Earth Day, 2014. When we look at 'getting healthy', one of the most wonderful by products of that, is the fact that we begin on work much bigger than ourselves. We actually start saving the planet - whether you start out as an environmental activist, who wants to eat healthier, or someone who wants to eat healthier, becoming environmentally aware, either way, both meet in a very happy medium of consciousness. … [Read more...]

Lifting the lid on Green Washing

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There is a flood of "green" products coming out onto the market but the question is this: Is it really that much better for us and the environment OR is it "Green Wash" and are you being had? Some really are as green as the label suggests and some are cashing in on the movement, so we need to take our fine toothed combs into 'eco land' too, annoyingly! I forgot our BYO hippie shampoo for the little guy after swimming the other day and then saw "Organic / Eco Fresh" product range in the … [Read more...]

Make your own natural air freshener

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Today, I got into a taxi. It was a beautiful, clean and new taxi. An overwhelming smell of bubblegum air came over me as the door shut though and I was trapped. I asked if he had on of those 'plugged in' air freshener thingies on and he said no. It was like that when he picked it up for his shift and he couldn't find where the smell was coming from. I had to tell him why this was dangerous for him to be working in this environment for hours at a time with no fresh air. Pthalates are a very … [Read more...]

Natural Whipped Body Butter

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Natural whipped body butter. It's as awesome as it sounds. I haven't used a store bought body moisturiser for a good few years now. Hideously over priced, pthalates which disrupt our hormones hiding in the 'fragrance' ingredient, parabens, phenoxyethanol, unsustainable sulphates, petroleum based ingredients. I mean seriously. It's a beautiful day when you stop listening to the marketing and start looking at the facts  While there are some gorgeous toxic free body moisturisers out there, I … [Read more...]

10 apps for Real Food Low Tox living.


Apps. Many of us use them these days on the various technologies we carry out and about so I thought I'd share a few in case you didn't know them and were looking for appspiration (see what I did there?) These are a few apps I've discovered over time, in no particular order, that are great for shopping, fact checking and decision making when it comes to living the real food, low tox life. All the titles of them are clickable for the ones you fancy exploring yourself! 1. Chemical Maze Why use … [Read more...]

35 Real Food & Low Tox Living Travel Tips


I've spent 48.5 hours in the air in the past 2.5 weeks and 12 hours in waiting lounges, thus the real food & low tox travel tips. It was an amazing solo trip visiting family in NYC and Paris. How lucky to have such a good reason to make the trek and enjoy life on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks! It can be difficult to stay healthy through the airport lounges and up in the air, if you're not prepared and if you've got any food intolerances or allergies? Good luck! Even if … [Read more...]

Keep your cleaning toxin free with these 7 easy home made cleaning products

home made cleaning products

Many now know what lurks in the average house hold cleaning product. Many of course still don't, otherwise those companies wouldn't be able to afford their silly TV commercials. To that end, I've decided to write a basic cleaning products guide, for what we use at home here. If you have a cleaner, don't think it doesn't matter - think of them and think of the fact that it's all over your home surfaces, so while you might not be using harmful cleaners, you'll still be surrounded by them, … [Read more...]