When cold and flu isn’t what’s really wrong


Are you or is someone you know always getting a cold or flu? It's great if yes, that you might be trying to treat them naturally, build your immune system and get stronger, but what if you're physically doomed to get repeatedly sick? What if the real issue wasn't the cold or flu but something deeper. I used to get sick all the time in my 20s and that also happened to co-incide with when my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) was at its most severe in terms of symptom manifestation. How are the … [Read more...]

Vanilla Bean Short Bread biscuits

vanilla shortbread biscuits

I'd made a chocolate short crust pastry for a recipe I'm blogging later this week. Not one to waste a dirty thermomix bowl, I wondered about another quick thing I could mix up to save a bowl washing. These biscuits were thus born. Now, you absolutely don't need a thermomix for these. Some beaters, a food processer or even the old school method of pinching butter through flour, will all do just fine to bring these little gems to life. They were such a delicious treat to enjoy with hubby, a movie … [Read more...]

Don’t let the fungi take over!


Fungal infections… That oh so NOT sexy sounding thing that does however hit quite a few of us at some point in our lives. We’re tackling this topic in my new ‘geek out corner’ with many more interesting topics to come. It's no secret I'm a science nerd, nor is it a secret that I've had my fair share of health challenges in my time. I am delighted to have Martin Mayer, Biomedical scientist from Concept Holistic Health, shed a little light on these tiny things and why, if not kept in check, they … [Read more...]

World Environment Day – A People powered post!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.08.18 pm

It's June 5th, World environment day, and I thought rather than me write a post, we could all write one together. TITLE: 100 little ways you can care for the environment in the daily choices we make. Mechanics: At least 100 of us write an idea - doesn't matter if there are overlaps - HERE in the comments. There, that's it. I'll start. Let's go! x … [Read more...]

Lemon custard tart with sweet short crust pastry

lemon custard tart

Lemon custard is so delicious. The zing of the lemon  cuts through the richness and when set with gelatin and poured into delicious short crust pastry, it all comes together for a happy dance in your mouth! I've tried this on my benchmark friend who edits Australia's most successful magazine and she says: YES! Sensational gluten free short crust pastry. So now, I bring it to you. This can be made with any filling you fancy - raw cheesecake filling, savoury filling, berry or chocolate mousse … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coated Buckwheat bars

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.31.54 pm

Crunchy Chocolate Buckwheat Bars are a fabulous, decadent adults and kids treat. There's always an impending occasion - a party, a friend over to play, a lunch box to creatively fill... Let these bars feature on your roster. Whenever I'm having a play with a new recipe, I always take a little sample down to the health shop down the road for the girls. I can always tell when I'm onto a winner. Welcome to one such treat that passed the test. They're nut free so they're perfect for school, they're … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day wrap up and prizes announced

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.38.59 pm

Food Revolution Day 2014. Wow. Just Wow. Over 100 people made pledges for the May 16th global initiative. You can read through them here. Over 200 people tweeted, instagrammed and facebooked (all legitimate verbs, of course!) their images of cooking with kids, cooking with friends and holding events and workshops at school, work and community halls. Basically, as a collective, we rocked the revolution and our virtual cookathon was incredible, inspiring, uniting and game changing for so … [Read more...]

Intimate nourishing cooking workshop announced – Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.04.44 am

NOTE: This workshop sold out in a night! Can't wait to meet everyone. I will be publishing a list of winter workshops via newsletter across Australia in the next fortnight, with an exclusive 24 hour booking time for subscribers. Hop over to the right to sign up and join me at an upcoming workshop - Look forward to it very much x I've been asked a lot about cooking workshops recently, and so, I'm starting to put together a bit of a plan! It won't be just Sydney either! The first one in … [Read more...]