Epic salad

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I've had a busy week of workshops and have decided to run with the theme of making the absolute most out of beautiful, natural ingredients by showing just how satisfying and 'epic' a salad can be. We humans crave the "new". I've been thinking of late it's because we used to be nomads and there was always a new plant to explore, or animal to catch... Food marketers of course give us 'new' stuff all the time, but their playing on our desire to be continually excited by food, leads us down a … [Read more...]

Buy Nothing New Curry – Vegetarian / Vegan


I love that I'm writing this up on world vegetarian day! No matter what style of diet or nutritional 'box' you might put yourself in, we could all make more room for veggies! This got dubbed the 'buy nothing new curry' because the veggies used for it resembled bits and pieces fit for the compost bin. BUT, I like to push the envelop and reduce waste wherever and whenever possible, so I decided, on a night when my boys were out for dinner, that I'd make the curry for myself and test it. Oh how my … [Read more...]

Silky smooth cauliflower puree

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I had to write an emergency blog. This cauliflower puree was so, so very smooth and I just wanted to share exactly what I did.   What you'll need (serves 4-5) 1 medium head of cauliflower 1/3 cup coconut cream (or whole cream if you eat it) salt optional: add a tablespoon butter   What to do Thermomix: Set your timer to 18 minutes, temperature Varoma, an inch or two of water in the bottom, steamer basket in place. Once it's going, cut all your cauliflower into small … [Read more...]

Beetroot Leaf Chips – Better than Kale chips?

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Oh, I just love a lightbulb moment. I was feeling uninspired by cooking beet greens again, 3rd day in a row. I was also uninspired to add them to a salad. I was cold. It was cold outside. I procrastinated with them in my fridge a couple of days. And then it occurred to me: CHIPS! I'm going to make a call here: Better than kale chips. The flavour is so good. Something about them! May be it's that it's 'new'? Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you think. My family won't find out just yet … [Read more...]

Fragrant Baked Carrot Stack

Carrot stack

There is abundant variety when it comes to cooking veg - I always like to stretch my creativity in the kitchen and this was born on a typical 'what can I do to make carrots exciting today' thought train... So, I started by chopping them long ways, then when deciding what to do with all of these long carrot strips, this 'stack' idea emerged, inspired by the French Daphinois potato dish of layered potatoes with butter, whisked egg and cream. This is of course a little different I wasn't really … [Read more...]

10 ways to SNEAK cultured foods into your day


I often get people saying their child or partner isn't taking to cultured foods. It's time to admit that cultured foods might not be love at first sight for everyone. I don't however believe that it will always be that way, as it's something we've lost taste for, so it stands to reason that we can acquire that taste once again. Years ago when I was a cocktail bartender, I ran a swanky bar called Lotus in Sydney's Potts Point - an admission that on instagram brought old regulars out of the … [Read more...]

Zesty Asian Coconut Dressing


I was in Mauritius with my family over Christmas - mum's side of the family is Mauritian, so we visit every 3 years or so, with aunties, uncles and cousins all still over there! It's such a privilege and a curse living with family around the world. On the one hand grateful to visit such beautiful places and on the other, so sad to not be able to just 'pop in for a tea' when you want to catch up. Thank gosh for skype! Here's my little man living free as a bird for a month with my hubby - lots … [Read more...]

2 delicious and easy fermented vegetable recipes


Fermented vegetables are all the rage, but the truth is many of us have been enjoying them for years and centuries for so many awesome reasons. Read my why and how of fermenting post that will bring you up to speed on the basics, including the reason for today's many chronic health troubles, the reason fermenting is a powerful tool in your corner to reverse and prevent disease, the tools and tricks you need to get started and the hygiene tips that will ensure more predictable success with your … [Read more...]