Coconut and Chocolate Clusters

Cocoa Coconut Crackle Clusters

Well, sometimes you just hit the jack pot. Supermarket coconut roughs are packed with additives, preservatives, soy lecithin, hydrogenated vegetable fats and refined sugar and being an addict in the past, I had to find an indulgent treat to replace – enter the experiment that paid off. This is rich & nutritious and you won’t need much to feel the satisfaction. Enjoy that precious bite or two immensely as you build your immune system and stabilise your blood sugar with coconut oil- cheers to that!

Whether you do the cheat’s way or the long way, the actual work involved in this recipe is all of 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Real Treats. Happy Bodies.

Cocoa Coconut Crackle Clusters Recipe

Servings: 6 mini crackles


Coconut Sprinkles



For the Coconut Sprinkles

  • You can cheat with these and toast on 180C for 20 minutes with a quick stir half way until toasty looking. OR to keep the coconut raw, combine and spread on an oven tray, baking on 90C for 4-5 hours until golden brown. You can go out to the shops, go for a walk… You don’t have to stay at home the whole time, as it’s cooking very gradually. Let cool and then blitz in a food processor or thermomix (speed 7) for literally 2-3 seconds, to ensure a few powdery bits, but a few chunks still remain for texture. Make a big batch of the sprinkles and store so that you have at hand to whip these up! Great to top yoghurt, custard, fruit and kefir.
  • I only make tiny batches of these crackles, because they’re so, so delicious. You get my drift! If you’ve got lots of people around, just double or triple the measurements below! You could even pop into mini muffin cups to replace the chocolate crackles at the kiddy party table.

For the Crackles

  • Melt the coconut oil (if not melted already) and then pour into a bowl. Add the cacao powder & stir through until well combined. Pour the coconut sprinkles into the oil/ cacao mixture and combine.
  • Pop into mini cupcake cases and garnish with a couple of toasted coconut flakes or just pop on a baking sheet and set in the fridge for 30 minutes. Pull out of the fridge a few minutes before serving and indulge. Just writing this makes me want to make this right now. In fact, I think I will!
  • 4 ingredient bliss, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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      Thanks Angela. I’m not a huge fan of puffed grains because they’ve been high heat extruded and their proteins get mucked about in the process. You could cook and then toast some quinoa on an oven tray until they dry out and that could be the extra crackle – in fact, I’m going to try that myself! You’ve given me an idea. Thanks 🙂

      1. oooh, you HAVE to tell us how you went with the toasted quinoa idea…that sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to hear!!! 🙂

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          Do you know I’ve still not done it!?!?!??! Argh. Need more time Virginia. Have any lying about by any chance? 😉

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