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If you’ve been with me here for a while, you’ll know I’m on a mission.

1. We need to eat better and be more conscious of what we use on our skin and in our homes.

2. We need to eradicate guilt AND a feeling of deprivation from leaving the bad stuff behind and get busy being empowered, enlightened and inspired for change. That’s where I want to step in and help you.

I’ve listed the ways we can work together and if you’ve got something else in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]



Speaking and Key Notes

Imagine feeling excited not daunted.

Imagine feeling empowered not belittled.

Imagine feeling you’ve been given the tools, not the sermon.

Imagine thinking ‘wow, I can do this’ instead of ‘Oh crap, I don’t do that’.

Imagine the feeling of turning your health around, your family’s health – your community’s!? Imagine YOU were responsible for that.

When I speak, I’m not interested in waffling on technically and terrifying people. I want to flick the switch of the audience at a deep psychological level to help each of YOU create the change you want and we all need.

The time is now to turn our pantries, food systems, gardens, food culture, environmental choices around. I make it my mission to have everyone realise we have no choice but to act and to get excited about that.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your event, conference or forum.


Home environment consults and coaching – What’s your daily toxic load? 

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand to get started. You might have questions such as these:

  • Where do I start?
  • What if I couldn’t cook in the first place, anyway?
  • How am I still going to cook our family favourites?
  • What on earth do I buy for my pantry? What IS safe?
  • I don’t want to make my own – What cosmetics and cleaning products are SAFE where I live?

My one on one skype sessions are perfect if you need a helping hand and reassurance based on your unique situation. No home is hopeless. We take it as fast or slow as you feel comfortable and you receive my easy support tools to work through detoxing your home. Your way. Your pace.

If you’re a busy executive parent thinking ‘i don’t have time for this’ but you’re still desperate to get on the band wagon, I recommend an initial consult with yourself and then that you delegate to your nanny, au pair, cleaner or other family member who is supporting you.

contact [email protected] to discuss your home goals and for as little as $150 AUD, you could be well on your way to achieving a healthier, happier home.

*Mes consultations peuvent se faire en français, également.

Real Food & Low Tox Living – Workshops and classes

A variety of workshops are available to inspire people to lower their toxic load without feeling inconvenienced nor deprived. I run them at conferences, community events, community centres, private homes, schools or small offices.

My goal is to help people dig within and find the true justifications they need to create lasting change in these areas. This ain’t no fad. This is for our survival for generations to come, as well as for that of our planet’s.

The mega bonus? This life time we’ve been given is richer, purer, less guilt ridden and absolutely delicious!

Get in touch at [email protected] to receive the full list of available workshops and classes.


Corporate Masterclasses

Want to ensure your staff are healthier, happier and more energetic?

Often, people go through their whole life not knowing how great they can feel and a huge part of that is due to the fact that in the last 70 years, over 45,000 chemicals have been man invented and many of those are in our food, on our skin and throughout our homes and offices. We’re overloaded and our bodies are getting more and more sluggish as time goes on – they’re literally fed up!

This masterclass is an uplifting look at the steps we can all take TODAY to decrease our toxic loads and increase our vitality – without deprivation and without having to resort to tasteless food as the 90s made us do (thank god that’s over!)

Inspire and energise your staff with this HOUR OF POWER with optional canapés and dessert treats afterwards.

Change minds. Create momentum. Inspire action. Empower.

Contact [email protected] to discuss what’s going to be best for your team.


Corporate environment consulting – The Office Detox

What is your corporate environment like?

How many toxins are your staff exposed to – in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, at their desks? Could people have less sick days and perform with better focus than they do now, with changes to the office environment?

If you want to get serious about becoming an organisation that cares for your staff’s wellbeing at the deepest lev el, then this consultation and office detox is essential.

We undertake research on the entire environment, offering a number of analyses and readings.

Based on our findings we suggest short term and longer term modifications to lower the toxic load of your office environment.

This is ideally coupled with one of my masterclasses, to ensure your team and organisation understand YOUR care for them and making the office environment healthy as well as for their personal knowledge and wellbeing in their lives away from work.

I work with the best team of specialists on this for incredible results.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your organisation’s needs.


Reviewing, advertising and affiliates

I love doing product shout outs if something is beautiful, natural and powerful towards healthy living.

If it’s a low tox item such as a personal care or cleaning product it must be sure to have no parabens, pthalates, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, petroleum or formaldehyde!

If it’s a food or cooking product, it must contain zero additives, thickeners, preservatives, palm oil (for ethical reasons), colourings, vegetable oils or stabilisers. There must be no hydrogenated oils, no GM ingredients or ingredients of origin from factory farming.

I do not compromise for cash. Ever. I do do sponsored giveaway highlights through my newsletter for a very reasonable promotional fee, so get in touch if you have something worth shouting out about. I love working with good guys who want to grow and get the word out!


I wish you the very best and most delicious real food and low tox life.



Alexx Stuart

PO Box 1332

Double Bay, 1360

NSW, Australia.


Disclaimer. I am not a doctor, naturopath or nutritionist. I am a concerned citizen, good motivator, speaker and change maker. I am soon to be a certified health coach which I’m truly excited about! If you suffer from serious health issues, it is best you have not just me helping you ‘ditch the toxic stuff’ but also a trusted health practitioner you gel with to create the best environment for your progress toward feeling awesome. Alexx.