Low Tox Legend: Shakti Grace aka The Holistic Chef

Low Tox Legend: Shakti Grace aka The Holistic Chef

There are many ways to enhance our real food regime. I’m not one for obsessing over the latest, weirdest extract from the hair of siberian mountain goats for a mere $800 per jar, no sir – Not even if it proclaims to hold the key to eternal life! Every now and then though, there are cool products that make it past the hype to prove themselves as great nutritional supplements full of real food power – especially during our busiest times when skipping the odd meal or being temped by quick grab junk is at it’s greatest chance of temptation. By force of fate, Shakti aka The Holistic Chef and I met in person recently at my local health food shop, as she was doing a tasting. A beautiful person, she is so passionate about spreading wellness far and wide in her capacity as both an educator and a producer.  On top of the blend, she holds classes, makes a to-die-for raw chocolate fudge, and is a lover and promoter of all things wellness inspiring. I have had the pleasure of taking her Superfood Blend the past month and have really enjoyed and felt the boost. Enjoy the interview…

1. what does your name Shakti mean?

cosmic energy of the universe, creation!  shakti is the feminine principal,so all women are indeed shakti. i was given this name in the sivananda lineage of yoga, a traditional vedantic lineage, that i am a trained yoga teacher in. i have quite a lot of energy so it is a very appropriate name :)

2. the holistic chef. are you an actual chef by trade?

i came to cheffing later in life after a corporate career. while i was at chef school, i was offered a high profile job, working on a large private yacht. from then on my chef life was on private super yachts around the world. i even managed one rock and roll tour too. i worked all over the world for about 13 years. amazing to think back…

3. if someone eats a super awesome, nourishing diet already: what is the purpose of your superfood blend?

shakti’s superfood blend was formulated for many reasons: to support your current diet, to assist when you don’t have time to eat optimally, to help form a bridge for people that are ready to shift their current nutritional paradigm.  the blend is super nutritient dense, and is whole food. things like spirulina and chlorella are highly bio available forms of plant based protein, major chelators (removers of heavy metals) and aid so well in detoxifying generally, so they are the stars. i created the rest of the blend’s ingredient mix to support these stars. i added bee pollen as for me, it is truly nature’s magical gift to us all.

4. what’s your favourite way to enjoy your Superfood blend?

as an elixir of sorts in water, with kombucha tea or kefir for live probiotics, in whatever smoothie you might make in the morning, to give it and you that extra turbo boost.

5. what do you think the most important 3 keys are to health and wellness?

1. listen to your body when it comes to nutrition, if you don’t feel good after eating something then dig down deeper to understand why. there may be other underlying health challenges, or emotional patterns. or simply put, that food is not serving you in that moment.

2. develop a mindfullness practice, as this will help you remain in your centre like a strong grounded tree. the impact of practices like vipassana meditation on my life have been profound. Alexx adds – even if all you can manage is 20 deep breathes in and out a couple of times a day, the difference will be profound on your mind and your adrenals!

3. love yourself, laugh at yourself, and be of service to the planet and its people.

6. what is your favourite client success story you could share with us?

The most recent is actually a friends’ husband. he has had terrible gut/stomach issues and was pretty resistant to taking a green product, and did not see the value. it took 6 months to slowly get him on a regular path and now he is making his own raw milk kefir, adding hulled hemp and bananas and making up 2 jars per day to take to work for morning and afternoon. he swears by it, and says he feels fantastic compared to before taking the superblend. he has had a complete transformation in attitude around his eating and he feels really good. He even stopped the afternoon coffee….awesome! it is often the small changes that in the end results in big changes. the physical feeling, makes your mental attitude change and then you want to do yourself better and better justice with your choices.

7. 5 dessert island ingredients: what do you take with you!?

Shakti’s superfood blend of course :), raw chocolate, yoghurt, my homemade kombucha tea and hulled hemp seed. (you can get clean water and coconuts on a desert island..surely?)


Give away Time:

Shakti is giving away 2 x 10 day supply jars with a little travel sachet each, of her Superfood Blend. Both prizes valued at $30. All you have to do is express an interest in the comments here to try Shakti’s Superfood Blend and you’ll go into the name-in-hat draw! Easy peasy, right? Good luck. 

I hope you enjoyed Shakti’s story and information on her Superfood Blend. There are a lot of blends out there that use sugar alcohol sweeteners like xylitol in them, and I prefer the idea of a completely natural blend that I can sweeten if I like accordingly. I have been treasuring the blend on my busier days, to keep me going and nourished in the afternoon. The commitment to the quality of the ingredients is super admirable and I’m finding myself all round, a big fan!

DISCLOSURE: While I might be given the odd freebie here and there to facilitate covering a story, person or product, I would never accept payment to feature a person or brand here. It feels for me, the wrong thing to do and when I feature people, it’s because I’ve discovered them or know them, and I want to share them with you. That just seemed like a good time to bring that subject up, so voila.

ALLERGY NOTE: If you’re allergic to bees the bee pollen in the superfood blend is not going to be suitable for you.

INGREDIENT LIST: Spirulina, Chlorella (broken cell wall), Bee Pollen, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Maca Root, Mesquite, Chia Seed.

Real Food. Low Tox. Happy Bodies.

Alexx xx




  1. Hi Alexx! Hi Shakti!
    Loved the blog post and would love to be entered in to the comp.
    Thanks so much,
    Shannon :)

  2. Vikki KNight says:

    I would love to try Shakti’s superfood blend. I am on a huge learning curve as I move myself and my family from a processed diet to a whole food diet. I am learning so much about so many foods and would love to give this a try as I am feeling so much better since making the change and would love to take it to the next level :) Thank you so much for sharing this interview. I am learning so much from you :)

    • alexxstuart says:

      Go Vikki! Congrats. The first few steps are always the toughest – then once you realise it’s so exciting to know the truth behind all those packets and promises, it becomes a breeze – a delicious one! Good luck with the comp :-)

  3. Really interested to know more about the superblend.
    I’m traveling overseas soon, & won’t be able to take my kefir,
    Sauerkraut etc, so really interested in the sample packs, thanks :)

  4. WOW Alexx and Shakti fantastic article.
    What an amazing life.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
    to both of you.

  5. Would absolutely love to try this superfood blend – in the past 18 months i have read so much on nutrition and some things get a bit confusing. I have recently read about bee pollen and was wondering whether that is something to try one day also. I have also yet to add spirulina and chlorella to my diet and so this superfood combination looks awesome to try. With young children with asthma/eczema/hayfever i am trying to give my family the best foods for their bodies so they can build strong healthy immune systems and hopefully their health will get better and stronger over time. I thought i had done everything right in the past (ie. mostly organic diet, breastfeeding, no cleaning chemicals in the house etc) but some things seem to be out of our control :( I will keep trying to give my family the best foods possible and am always trying to add new/healthy superfoods etc. I hope my children grow up to love healthy wholesome foods and feel how good you feel when you eat well.

    • alexxstuart says:

      Hi Sharyn,

      Good for you for investigating and persevering. Definitely make sure they get good cultured veggies and coconut oil in the diet with auto immune allergies like the ones you describe – they do wonders. A supportive and experienced naturopath or Mindd foundation doctor would be a great thing too if you’ve not already got one :-) Good luck in the comp! :-)

  6. Hi Alex and Shakti,
    I would love to try Shakti’s product it sounds amazing.

  7. What an interesting lady! I would love to try some of Shakti’s superfoods! :)

  8. I have 25kg to lose and need all the help I can get! Thanks :)

    • alexxstuart says:

      Jesse – Congrats on starting the journey! Quit the sugar, ditch the wheat, up the veggies and ethical meats & get into the superfood blend as a mid morning and mid afternoon drink to stave off cravings and give you oodles of energy. You won’t know yourself in 6 months, I bet! Good luck with the comp :-)

  9. Harrena Platell says:

    WOW…I love seeing you pop up on my Facebook page with something new and so inspirational. Thank you for sharing with the world.
    PS would love to win your prize!!

  10. Allyce Martins says:

    Yes! This product looks awesome, would love to try it!!!
    Thankyou :)

  11. Would be keen to see ingredients list and try this, thanks for the article!

  12. I really enjoyed your post as I lov reading about how to live a healthier and happier life. Thanks you!

  13. Hi girls, My wellness journey started about 5 years ago when I noticed all the chemicals and preservatives in my daily personal routine. Placing over 100 chemicals on my body before even putting anything into my mouth was just not acceptable. I researched and researched and started using natural and chemical free moisturisers (coconut oil) and other very simple easy changes. Then I wanted to share with the world and developed a website to help others. Thank you for sharing your journey … Your commitment to changing people’s health and lives is to be commended. Keep up the great work!

  14. Hi, I love to read inspiring stories about inspiring people, it keeps me on track with my journey and pulls me up on the days I question what Im doing. I dont know why I question being on a path of wellness, I guess it’s the old patterns sneeking back in, or is it missing the social latte and banana bread as I take my family on this amazing new journey. It has taken us 18 months to really get into the swing of it and embrace it completley. My 14 year old son inspires me mostly as he has so much disipline around the foods he eats, its nothing short of astounding!!
    Love LOve LOVE this shift and people like shakti that help the planet and mankind move into this new dimension, I am sure all will go well for her. Vera x

    • alexxstuart says:

      I love bringing them to you Vera! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story – and go little man! We don’t give our kids enough credit for being able to make changes like these sometimes, do we? Congrats and good luck with the comp :-)

  15. Thanks for the info, I am very interested in trying your superfood blend, I need a little shakti energy in my life

  16. ooooo wow! Are you able to advise where this Superblend can be purchased? Thanks!

    • alexxstuart says:

      Hi Rachel, You can ask Shakti direct via her facebook page or website for stockists :-) Good luck with the comp!

  17. Lovely interview ladies. I would love to win Shakti’s blend! Thanks for the opportunity. xx

  18. hello lovely ladies thankyou so very much for the kind and generous reflections on the interview, makes my journey with SSB, so much richer! @Vera thankyou so very much for your kind words and @Rachel there is a stockist list for australia on my website on the products button on the landing page or go to http://www.theholisticchef.com.au/stockists/ or you can purchase directly from me on line.
    Thankyou again to Alexx for the invitation of sharing my passion and good luck everyone i look forward to hearing your feedback. love Shakti xxx

  19. Oooh, these sound amazing! Would love to be in the running! Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the fabulously inspiring work Alexx and Shakti xxxx

  20. Yes please!!! I would to try Shakti’s superfood blend. Fingers crossed! X

  21. Hi! Would love to try it! Please put me in the draw :-)

  22. I am a bit of a slow coach and only just read this today! Thanks for such a fab article… totally agree with the desert island picks Shatki! Endless coconut supply ;)
    Thanks For such a great blog Alexx!

  23. Hi Alexxn and Shakti,
    I hope im not too late to enter this comp! I have had withdrawls from your blog Alexx after weeks of no internet (I am aware how superficial that sounds haha).
    Shakti your superfoods blend sounds really interesting and I would love to give it a try.
    Thanks for another great post.
    Cherie x

    • alexxstuart says:

      Just in the nick of time Cherie – Good luck and thanks for the lovely words :-)

  24. alexxstuart says:

    Ok – All names have gone into a hat and two names have come out:

    Harrena & Vera – congrats ladies. Could you email me alexxstuart@optusnet.com.au for your jars to be sent, including your postal addresses? Big thanks and congrats.

    AND Sharyn W, and Nikki at the Wholefood Mama – Shakti gave me 2 little sachets, so I’ve drawn 2 more names and you ladies will be sent a single day serve also, so you can try the Superfood blend. Email me your addresses.

    Yay. Thanks for entering everyone xx

  25. Hello lovely Ladies and the amazing Alexx,
    sorry i am behind in congratulating the winners of the comp, i was on the road with SSB in Queensland, and the best thing is that Wrays Organic has taken the product on, big win for this small businesswoman and SSB!
    Congratulations to Hareena and Vera, and Sharyn W, and Nikki the Wholefood Mama, i am so glad you are all going to try out SSB. Please if you have any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via FB or my website. I hope to meet you all one day at a sampling or workshop!

    Many blessings of awesome healthy and happiness
    love Shakti xxx

  26. Appreciating the commitment you put into your website and in depth information you offer.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information.
    Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including
    your RSS feeds to my Google account. Thank you, so much!

  27. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your
    point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why
    waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when
    you could be giving us something enlightening to read? Appreciate it!

  28. Looking forward to some more resources that are coming soon on your site. I suffer from IBS and would love some ideas on books and food references to use. Any input and whole food suggestions would be appreciated. thanks, robyne

    • alexxstuart says:

      Thanks Robyne for the feedback. Funny you should say, my book shelf is going up next week! Best thing you can do for IBS is broths and stocks, home made, and ditch the gluten and any excessive sweets or garlic. World of difference :-) Alexx