Bubba Yum Yum – A chat with Charlotte Carr

Bubba yum yum

I've known Charlotte Carr for many years. Randomly for a few years there, I was a singer songwriter playing pubs (seemed the perfect quarter life crisis career step disillusioned by the cosmetics industry, don't you think?) We met because during that time I'd gigged with Wes Carr her now hubby, and a dear friend of my sister's. Anyway, you get the picture. As far as character reference, I feel I am able to comment here that she's not some crazy lady trying to convert everyone to feeding their … [Read more...]

Super simple snapper

cooked snapper

I simply had to pop this super simple snapper recipe up so you could make in the coming days. This was for our little family of 3, but for a bigger family you could just double it and use two pans. So simple. Super tasty. 15 minute meal with steamed greens on the side. Perfection! What you'll need 2 large snapper fillets (about 4oo-450g) or any other white fish is fine. 1/3-1/2 bunch parsley 2 garlic cloves 3 stalks of spring onion 60g butter 1/4 lime or lemon sea salt to … [Read more...]

The land of hopeful

choices mandela

Here's a little something I wrote and initially posted on instagram yesterday (@Alexx_Stuart) but wanted to preserve it here on the blog - after just having spent a very inspiring day at TedXSydney 2015, Ted being an organisation who's core is "Ideas worth spreading" - it got me thinking... I bet so many of you out there, like me, have ideas worth spreading. So I wanted to check in and make sure that we were acting out of hope and living expansively, rather than retracting based on the fear of … [Read more...]

Cinnamon turmeric custard

turmeric cinnamon custard

If you're going to eat treats, it stands to good reason that you'd employ delicious tweaks to steer them towards being beneficial to your health, right? I'm talking anti inflammatory custard. Yes, you heard me! I created this custard as a twist on my lemony coconut custard recipe, for the Mindd Forum last week and Brenda Janschek who was helping distribute the samples to the 300 attendees said "no word of a lie I've never seen that many tongues out in all my life. Licking every last bit … [Read more...]

WIN A $699 Kenwood KMIX Mixer this Food Revolution Day 2015 – Are you IN?

Food Rev Day 2015

Well, we are 1 day away from Food Revolution Day, 2015. This FRIDAY MAY 15 is the day. I have been a Food Revolution Ambassador for 4 years and it is with great pleasure that I take things online this year – because it means we can all celebrate together! What do you have to do? Join the day's events page On the Friday May 15th, post pics of you cooking something with your kids - Could be breakky, lunch for little ones at home, after school snacks or dinner Friday night. Whatever you … [Read more...]

This family went everything organic for 2 weeks


This is such a powerful little 90 second doco. You can catch the article about their story here. I remember when I learnt about pesticides and we went organic with most of our food nearly overnight. It was our least financially able time. I was so affected by my new found knowledge that we just made it work. We learnt the short cuts such as using bones to make stock and veggie soups using pan juices and fats to saute the next meal's beginnings instead of 'new' glugs of oil or knobs … [Read more...]

Fridge scraps soup

fridge scrap soup

I received a beautiful big box of vegetables today, as I've started ordering a weekly box rom Ooooby with the busy 6 weeks ahead. (No, I am not being paid to make mentions. I paid for my produce and I love their philosophy, so they're getting a mention for any other busy Sydney siders who need a good outsource) When I received it and went to put it all away, I found a few sorry looking veggies that were coming to the end of their days. There was only one thing to do: Make a 'fridge scraps … [Read more...]

Ditch the Microbeads


As with all things in doing better than yesterday, it's important to take things slow - most of the time. Here's one time that we must act fast. Pronto. Subbito. Arriba arriba. Vite. Schnell. Sugu ni. Jaldi Se... However we look at it, microbeads must go now.   image credit: newbeauty.com People who've done my Low Tox e course are super well versed in the whole microbead palava already, but if you've not yet come across it, read on. These beans are tiny bits of plastic that … [Read more...]