Simple nourishing fruit jellies

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There's a beautiful little yoga class I do called Yoga Pop, with my little man each Wednesday morning at Flow athletic. At the end of the class, we share a treat with all the parents and little ones, made by yours truly. So far I've made a few treats from my book Real Treats, but this week, I wanted to shares some delicious jellies, to show mums how easy they are to make, and how nourishing they are as a treat option, with zero weirdness that you'd find in a supermarket jelly (You can read an … [Read more...]

Pomegranate and Cinnamon chia pudding

CHIA pomegranate

Last month my good friend Jo Whitton came to stay with me in the lead up to her book launch which you must check out here. It's a wonderful book brimful of ideas for the allergy friendly home, whether you have a thermomix or not! I made her a few treats to take to the hotel for her stay there afterwards, so she didn't have to worry about resorting to hotel snacks - pringles and mm's are hardly options for an allergy friendly cook book author!  She shared the pomegranate chia pudding I'd made for … [Read more...]

Lemon custard tart with sweet short crust pastry

lemon custard tart

Lemon custard is so delicious. The zing of the lemon  cuts through the richness and when set with gelatin and poured into delicious short crust pastry, it all comes together for a happy dance in your mouth! I've tried this on my benchmark friend who edits Australia's most successful magazine and she says: YES! Sensational gluten free short crust pastry. So now, I bring it to you. This can be made with any filling you fancy - raw cheesecake filling, savoury filling, berry or chocolate mousse … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coated Buckwheat bars

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Crunchy Chocolate Buckwheat Bars are a fabulous, decadent adults and kids treat. There's always an impending occasion - a party, a friend over to play, a lunch box to creatively fill... Let these bars feature on your roster. Whenever I'm having a play with a new recipe, I always take a little sample down to the health shop down the road for the girls. I can always tell when I'm onto a winner. Welcome to one such treat that passed the test. They're nut free so they're perfect for school, they're … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day wrap up and prizes announced

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Food Revolution Day 2014. Wow. Just Wow. Over 100 people made pledges for the May 16th global initiative. You can read through them here. Over 200 people tweeted, instagrammed and facebooked (all legitimate verbs, of course!) their images of cooking with kids, cooking with friends and holding events and workshops at school, work and community halls. Basically, as a collective, we rocked the revolution and our virtual cookathon was incredible, inspiring, uniting and game changing for so … [Read more...]

Intimate nourishing cooking workshop announced – Sydney

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NOTE: This workshop sold out in a night! Can't wait to meet everyone. I will be publishing a list of winter workshops via newsletter across Australia in the next fortnight, with an exclusive 24 hour booking time for subscribers. Hop over to the right to sign up and join me at an upcoming workshop - Look forward to it very much x I've been asked a lot about cooking workshops recently, and so, I'm starting to put together a bit of a plan! It won't be just Sydney either! The first one in … [Read more...]

Coconut caramel lemon body scrub


It's funny how brand can seduce us so strongly. Because of 'brand' we choose products made with fragrances that don't naturally exist, plastic microbeads that pollute our lakes and oceans, and preservatives that alter our body's hormone production. Because of brand, we spend $50 on a 'luxury' scrub as a 'treat'. Because of brand we believe we feel better, validated, comforted, giddy... I too have bought many a time because of brand. I once worked in the luxury beauty industry pushing the most … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day 2014


Well, we are less than 2 weeks away from Food Revolution Day, 2014. MAY 16 is the day and this year will be the biggest yet! I have been a Food Revolution Ambassador for nearly two years and it is with great pleasure that I take things online this year - because it means we can all celebrate together! What is Food Revolution Day?  It's a Global day to celebrate cooking skills. It's a coming together of people wanting to embrace the Real Food way of life - Enjoying fresh produce, getting … [Read more...]