Zesty lemon & yoghurt cake

gluten and dairy free lemon cake

My grandmother as many people who've been with me for a while here, was a marvellous baker and maker of desserts. I've come to realise lately, that I was passed the baton when she died 4 years ago, which was about the time I went from baking the odd thing, to becoming passionate about creating desserts of my own, that were gluten free and more nourishing than the standard white flour / white sugar desserts we seemed to be surrounded by. One of my favourite memories is of being under the tree … [Read more...]

30,000 facebook giveaway – Thank you!

Comp 30K fans

Giveaway Now Closed: Winner is Kathleen O’Keeffe and her friend Elyse Comerford Runner Up: Christine West, to share her essences with her friend Susan Craven. Congrats to the winners and thanks for everyone's lovely words and for entering! Alexx x So I went to say thank you on facebook with a giveaway and facebook made the competition disappear after 256 people had already entered! I must have breeched the guidelines and am sorry to have done that if I did, but here we go all over again … [Read more...]

We can’t hate ourselves into love

hate into love

I saw this quote today from Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha and I fell instantly in love with its truth.   It was one of those sentences that plunged me into a deep 'oh the world' thinking tangent. I thought about all the ways our world 'hates' that have no seeming light at the end of the tunnel. Hate cannot produce love whether it's us doing the hating of ourselves, or whether we're hating on other people, things, places... Not possible. Hate produces more hate, plain and … [Read more...]

2 minute Teff bread

Teff with smashed avocado and herbs

I wanted something 'bread like' and all I had was the Teff flour I've been experimenting with. I had bacon on the go in one pan and a salad sorted, so it also had to be instant. The experiment began and resulted in this super simple pancake like, airy soft 'bread' that is great to toast up over a couple of days and spread smashed avocado, paté or dips on top, or even perhaps pop under the grill for a couple of minutes with pizza toppings. Consider it a quick new little feather in the cap for … [Read more...]

Orange & Poppyseed cake

gluten free orange and poppy seed cake

Orange & poppyseed is a style of cake I've never particularly loved, but the other day a follower, Mikaela, asked if I knew of one, and I thought - well, why not give it a go my way and see if I like it more. I did and it is actually really nice. I don't like sickly sweet citrus flavours, so the traditional version with buckets of white sugar in them and refined flour, just tasted yucky to me. This has a hint of sweetness and nourishing, wholefood flours, so it makes it earthy, dense and … [Read more...]

Breakfast ice cream

breakfast ice cream 2

As I ate a savoury salad for breakfast yesterday, then leftover chocolate quinoa risotto for lunch and a fish and veg dinner, I thought to myself: The beautiful thing about whole, real foods, is you don't need to eat certain things at certain times of day. I dare say the barrage of breakfast cereal marketing from the 50s to now, was what made us 'brand' certain foods for certain times of day. Before world war two, a typical European breakfast was properly preparely sourdough broth and veggies … [Read more...]

The lolly that sums up the global agriculture disaster and health crisis


Sometimes you come across a lolly. I don't believe it is anyone's fault for grabbing things like this for putting together party bags, or grabbing for a kids' party or play date, it first off has to be said. We only know what we know, and we do what the norm is to do. Sometimes it's because of illness that we wake up, sometimes because a documentary touched us that piqued our curiosity, but if we've not been exposed to any of this stuff, we might think we're safe to assume that if it's on the … [Read more...]

Sweet and smokey pulled pork

smokey sweet pulled pork

Sweet and smokey pulled pork is one of those things that people revere when they taste out and about as something they couldn't possibly produce themselves - It must be SO difficult to make something so tasty, right?  Well, not so, actually. All this recipe was, was a little thought about my favourite spices and getting that smokey and sweet balance right, rubbing it all in, and voila! Not hard at all. I first tried this out on two gorgeous people who are headed around the world on a year long … [Read more...]