Nourishing Christmas Cake

GAPS, Paleo, gluten free Christmas Cake

A couple of weeks ago I saw my friend Jo of Quirky Cooking fame (please get out from under the rock and discover her amazingness if you haven't already) was lamenting a good christmas cake, while her family are doing the healing GAPS diet. Well, it got me thinking: Is it possible? Would it taste nice? Would the texture be able to be respected? Would it pass with the British born and raised Dad? So this GAPS Christmas cake was born as a test. Gluten, dairy, grain, starch and even nut free, … [Read more...]

All the feelings this week in Sydney

martin place flowers

What a week it has been here in Sydney. This blog is off topic, yes, but this week has been significant in a tragic way and every time I went to write out a recipe for jellies this week, all I wanted to do was share this piece, so here it is. I remember distinctly helping with packing all the garlic orders at my mum in law's in the country on Monday when the initial news broke out that there was a hostage situation in the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place... there was also drama with Opera House … [Read more...]

Really? The ‘worst’ fad diets are Paleo and I quit Sugar?


The noise about food on the interwebs can get so loud sometimes. Eat this, don't eat that, do this don't do that... But today, when I read that the British Dietician's Association rated Paleo and quitting sugar among the worst extreme diets, well, I just had to laugh. Read the article here. The fact that these ways of eating are on a list that included the 'drink your own urine' diet is craziness. Why are all the packets of weirdness on the shelves not targeted as 'extreme' and 'crazy' … [Read more...]

Life changing Rocky Road with REAL marshmallow

Home-made Marshmallow Rocky Road

If you're going to eat a treat, make it really good and make it whole, I say. Make it the absolute best version of 'it' that it can be. Otherwise, what's the point? Rocky Road is one of those treats that when commercially bought it is filled with weirdness and far from natural.   Check these ingredients out for the top selling marshmallow brand Genetically modified corn flour Wheat starch Fake, petroleum derived  colouring (not all but most are. Use Chemical Maze app if in … [Read more...]

Lifting the lid on Teflon in your child’s uniform

school shorts teflon

Yesterday was the discovery of Teflon technology where I never expected it to turn up, when excitedly picking up my little man's very first school uniform. If you've read my post on Teflon (READ HERE TO GET UP TO SPEED about everywhere teflon makes it's way into) then you'll also know that DuPont the company who produces the technology have been forced to get it out of their non stick coatings by 2015. While the material replacing it is still frought with doubt by environmental schientists, it … [Read more...]

5 ideas to use up your leftover almond pulp

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.24.33 pm

Our culture is a little milk obsessed. With so many opting out of dairy for allergy or dietary preference, instead of opting out of milk altogether, they're turning to alternative milks. Almond milk is the fastest growing in popularity. I'm not a huge fan of packet almond milks nor of drinking massive quantities of the stuff. Fine, if you fancy a drop for your tea or coffee, or a little for a smoothie, but if you eat lots of good, real food, there is no need to 'supplement' with almond milk so … [Read more...]

It’s up to you what becomes normal

Branded bananas

Cupcakes at 9.30am are not normal. Branded Finding Nemo Bananas that attract a premium  for the privilege of the plastic wrap are not normal. 1 small knob of organic ginger on a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic is not normal. Breakfast cereals for a 'good start' without a single unrefined ingredient in them, is not normal. Cleaning products that clean our house while poisoning the sea are not normal. Microwavable frozen yoghurt with car coolant in it, is not normal. Snacking … [Read more...]

Mini rustic blueberry tartlets

Gluten-free blueberry tartlet

This mini blueberry tarlet recipe is surprisingly easy to throw together. It's a small batch of just 12 mini 6cm tartlets, so if you're throwing a party then you might want to double up on everything. Something I absolutely loved realising when I made these today, was that I can eye off a block of butter and cut 80g perfectly. A special moment that I wish my talented baking grandmère was still here today with us for me to call her up and tell her. I hope you enjoy them! A heck of a lot more … [Read more...]