Winner winner chicken dinner


This is my 300th post. I started my blog in the first week of February 2012 so it's my 3rd blog anniversary and while I'm sure I could have come up with a super exciting dessert recipe or elaborate philosophical piece to mark such an occasion, instead it's a simple chicken dinner. I really like that in a way, because achievable low tox living is what I'm all about - whether it's in the kitchen, in your mind, on your skin or around your home. Real Food is easy. We've been convinced otherwise … [Read more...]

The inaugural lunch box – And Lunch Box Tips

lunchbox idea

So after 3 years of joyfully helping people with back to school lunch box ideas as the occasions arose, today it was my turn to pack my first lunch box. I was a little nervous in the lead up to the first day of the little man's school life. The past year he went through that super shy / social freak out phase. Despite it eventually subsiding say after that first swim lesson of term or hour of a party, I wondered whether today would be really hard. I was braced and ready. We'd talked about how … [Read more...]

Fool proof chicken liver pate


Pâté has got to be one of the most nutrient dense and delicious things you can regularly enjoy. Personally I don't make it or eat it if I can't find organic, pasture raised for ethical reasons. The choice is yours but things to consider are... Why organic when it comes to chicken? Three reasons Free range is a loose term and can still mean heavy antibiotic use, cramped quarters and little time outside. Most chickens are fed grains with genetically modified corn and soy in their mix. Bad … [Read more...]

Savoury summer fruit salad

Summer Fruit Salad

There is nothing more I love than a fresh, colourful salad in the summer time with juicy bits aplenty. Nature really does gift us the goods over the summer time, when it comes to flavour and colour, doesn't she? A friend asked me to bring something 'Red' to a recent lunch, and so the savoury fruit salad was born out of that. I had strawberries, tomatoes, pomegranates from Mum so I built from them and created this one.   It had purple basil, green basil, tomato, raspberry, … [Read more...]

Super simple sugar free iced tea

No sugar Iced Tea

There are hundreds of inspiring blends of herbal tea these days to make iced tea options really exciting. We absolutely do NOT need to reach for the sugar packed, fake flavoured, single use plastic store options, when it's a simple 3 minute prep for a litre or two for the next day. I offered my husband a herbal tea last night out of habit, and when he said "Nah... too hot!" It occurred to me then that I thought the same. So, just as we did last summer, I brewed a super strong (3 heaped … [Read more...]

Luscious Raw Cheese Cake

Gluten free blueberry cheesecake

Start the year as you wish to continue. Shall we do that creatively, proactively and deliciously? They can all be summed up with this raw cheese cake. I feel like I've come really late to the party in putting one on the blog. I love them and make variations regularly, but am so excited to finally commit one to writing and share it. It's got big flavour. It is silky and creamy like a semi freddo or freshly made ice cream. I hope you enjoy it as we did for our New Year's eve dessert. We had a … [Read more...]

Another year over… and a new one just begun


I have a little project for us to inspire change in each other in the directions in which we all wish to head for 2015. I'm not much into resolutions. I find them a little vague to be held accountable for... Like we've all forgotten them 2 weeks into January. What I do love though, is a couple of times a year, taking a look at the good things I love that I want more of in my life. By the same token, I look at things that always seem to bring me negative feelings or thoughts or anxiety and do … [Read more...]

Turkey San Choy Bow

Turkey San Choy Bow

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little piece about how crazy it was that IQS and Paleo were in the most dangerous fad diets list. You can get up to speed here on that piece if you fancy. It has spurred me to share with you a lovely recipe by the IQS team to illustrate my point. This isn't sponsored. I haven't been paid. I am just a big fan of justice and logic, thus the motivation to prove my point the best way possible: With a meal. Especially with a meal that is perfect for Christmas turkey … [Read more...]