Spiced Beetroot, Walnut and Date cake


Spiced Beetroot, Date and Walnut cake with Faux cream cheese icing. Yes, it's true. This is a bit grown up, I think. Not one so much for the kiddies, although try it, you never know. It's rich, big in spice and earthy thanks to the beautiful beet! I definitely suggest having this either fresh and heavily iced with this faux icing (same as used to top my key lime pie recipe) or toasted with butter and a good cup of chai. HEAVEN AWAITS! Despite ingredient list length, it's so easy to make. … [Read more...]

No ordinary love – for this cupcake!


Jude Blereau is a wholefood guru. In terms of learning about nutrient dense food and the meaning of true nourishment and what that could mean for your health and your kids strength and vitality while they grow, the book “Wholefood for Children” is essential. A must- buy for parents feeding little people & wanting to nourish instead of just fill! To be honest,  I actually bought this book originally because the cover looked so gorgeous! Little did I know 3 years ago... Pages 7-70 are … [Read more...]