Healthy Bounty Bars


I asked everyone yesterday, what their favourite way to enjoy coconut was. A couple of people confessed to having loved Bounty bars once upon a time. I was never much of a fan of Bounty - more a Cherry Ripe girl myself, if we're all laying our truth purging cards on the table. Either way, given I do adore chocolate and coconut - news flash - together in most forms, I thought I'd give a re worked bounty bar a go. Here's the result and it's rather more delicious than I ever remember the bounty bar … [Read more...]

Raw Chocolate Coconut Shards

Chocolate Chards

If coconut roughs are your thing and you're trying to get away from cheap additive-laden chocolate, then voila! These are packed with anti oxidant raw cacao, blood sugar balancing cinnamon, coconut oil for immune boosting, coconut for fibre and satiation and natural, unrefined sweetness options. What you'll need! 50g of coconut sprinkles. The full Recipe is here or the abridged version: You make those by combining 2 cups of dessicated coconut (make sure it's 220 free) and 1/2 a cup of … [Read more...]